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clindholm - October 21

My doctor is recommending a flu shot. I have not had the flu in more years than I can remember and feel that this is unnecessary. Most flu shots still contain the thimerasol which I don't want to get. What is everyone's thoughts on the danger of getting the flu during pregnancy? I work at a Health Department so getting the shot is very easy and I did get it during my last pregnancy. It just seems so unnecessary since it's a gamble on if it will protect against this years strains and just lowering your immune system in general.


austynsmommy - October 21

I myself will not be getting one. Everytime I get it I get the flu. I was so sick in january after I got it that I had to be hospitalized because I was so dehydrated. I have had the shot 2 times and I will never get it again.


Krissy25 - October 21

It is safe, and actually the flu shot is recomended fo women who are pregnant during the flu season. The thing that doctors worry about with pregnant women getting the flu is the possible complications that the flu can cause, such as pneumonia. That is not something you want to have while pregnant. Basically what they (doctors and the CDC) are saying is that the risks of the flu outweight the risks of the flu shot. Does that make sense? What i'm saying is that is riskier not to get one. Anyway it is still a personal choice, i haven't had one in years, but i do plan on getting one through work this year and while i am not pregnant i do plan on having my 14 month old vaccinated too.


baby2jan13 - October 21

Definitely a personal choice. I chose not to get one this year. I was undecided since I do work in a children's hospital, but I have never gotten the flu before, and the times I did get one I was very sick all winter long with a horrible cold and cough. I couldn't imagine going through that while pregnant...so...no flu shot for me.


ebaby08 - October 22

i got my flu shot because i have gotten the flu in the pa__s, and its the worst! I dont want to deal with that while being pregnant, plus i work in a long term care facility, and when the flu goes around there, you watch everyone drop like flies! its really bad! We're short staffed for weeks! Also being pregnant, your not allowed to have the flu shot that contains the actual virus, only the one that has the dead virus. So i dont see how you can get sick from a dead virus.


sarah21 - October 22

It is impossible to get the flu from the flu shot. It is a dead virus unless you get the flu mist. And it is far more dangerous to get the flu when you're pregnant since it's usually accompanied by a high fever which is dangerous for baby. I got mine while I was pregnant and got one again this year so I don't get sick taking care of my baby.


sarah21 - October 22

Oh and I am usually anti-vaccine, too. My daughter has received no other vaccines except her flu shot (she is 6 months old) because she has a heart condition and can't afford to get the flu. The flu though is so common and easily transmitted I think it's an important vaccination to get.


mcbee - October 22

Getting the flu shot will not give you the flu. It is a vaccine made from a dead virus. It may give a few MINOR symptoms, but you can't get the flu. It doesn't protect you from the everyday cold virus. I chose to get one because I am currently in nursing school doing clinicals on a Med-Surg floor in the hospital. Getting the flu while being pregnant can be quite harmful to your baby, but my doctor said that you need to just a__sess your risk factor. If you're lucky enough to be a SAHM, you probably don't need it as badly as those of us working in healthcare, education, etc.


Tonigirl - October 23

I just got the flu shot a few weeks ago and I feel fine. I've never gotten the flu from the flu shot...didn't know you could. I'm a teacher and it's a must and now that I'm pregnant it's even more important to stay healthy this time of the year. It's much better to get it than to get seriously ill, especially while you're pregnant. Good luck on making your decision.


chiyochan - November 18

I got mine about a week and a half ago and so far so good, it was my first flu shot ever though. I guess Im just looking at it as if I don't get the flu while pregnant the better but especially after he's born I can't imagine takeing care of a baby with the flu. Id rather keep that outta my house if possible. I had the flu last spring and I thought I was dieing it was horrible.


Teddyfinch - November 18

i say since it helps protect you and your baby, it's worth it. and if you have no problems with it, go for it.


kdj1973 - November 28

PLEASE DO NOT GET A FLU SHOT WHILE PREGNANT! I've done a lot of research on the contents of flu shots. All that are currently in circulation (see the FDA's website for each brand's insert) for individuals over 4 years of age, including pregnant women, include about 25 micrograms of Mercury. That amount of Mercury is extremely toxic to anyone under 550 pounds. Strange that doctors caution women about eating fish with high contents of mercury, though they recommend a toxic dose via a flu shot. Also, most vaccines contain aluminum, formaldehyde, and even ethylene glycol (anti-freeze!!!). Do you really want have these toxic chemicals in your body??? Three other serious adverse reactions to the flu vaccine are joint inflammation and arthritis, anaphylactic shock (and other life-threatening allergic reactions), and Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralytic autoimmune disease. Please read the product inserts for each vaccine published on the FDA's website! You will see that ALL of them say this is a category C drug, that animal reproduction studies have not been conducted and that it is also not known whether the vaccine can cause fetal harm! Think, people!!! A much better way of staying healthy and avoiding flu is to get additional vitamin D (btwn 5k - 10k IU is recommended for adults), wash your hands frequently, eat well, and get plenty of rest.


Teddyfinch - November 30

yeah and when someone coughs in your face that has it, the 'ol vitamin d will just jump out and protect you. sorry, but no that isn't enough. got my shot and all's well.



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