Flu Vaccination

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Gemini_Girl - November 22

Hiya im 29wks today and scheduled to have my free flu jab on Saturday, as I have mild asthma, I asked my GP if it was safe during pregnancy and she said it was...I dont know if I should get a 2nd opinion though, I asked my midwife at my last antenatal appointment and she said a GP would know better but as it isnt medication as such she doesnt think it would do harm, just want to know if others have had it, and what would you do if it were on offer to you? Thanks


Brendansmom - November 22

Both of my pregnancies have been during flu season. I was offered the flu shot both times. I pa__sed. I have never had a flu shot. My dh had the flu shot once and he ended up getting so sick. I am a sahm and ds does not go to any type of daycare so I don't really see a need for it. They say pregnant women should get it because if you do get sick there is nothing you can take. So, it's really up to you.


January - November 22

Its completely safe in the 3rd tri. I had mine at 34wks and had my lil girl 3wks later, healthy as can be.


Tory1980 - November 22

I have had it during two pregnancies and once while I was b___stfeeding (asthmatic) and have had no side effects other than my arm being a little sore - like lifting weights at gym sore - for a few days. I also had the pneumoccocal vaccine at the same time as I haven't been innoculated beofre. You can decline it if you want to but I took it just in case and am glad I did as I had the flu and stomach virus a few weeks ago and I was relieved it wasn't worse than it was after I saw my family get hit by the same thing.


Gemini_Girl - November 22

Thanks girls - I got my appointment card through ages ago and had decided to go for it, but then I just started having last minute doubts!


KRISTINA - November 22

I just got my flu shot a few weeks ago with no side effects. As long as its the shot you can have it. You cannot have the nasal mist flu shot though. And yes some people get sick when they get the shot, but it only lasts a few days and shouldnt be so bad. The flu shot is not going to stop you from getting the flu, but it should help you from getting the kind of flu that is deadly.


mrssolo - November 22

I had my given to me at my OB's office and they said it will also protect baby for the first 6 months as well. It's completely safe.


Jilloh - November 24

I got the flu shot with DS as I was 5 months preggo (was due in April) and lived in a different type of climate. I am not getting the flu shot this year because I am currently 8 months preggo (due in Late Dec/Early Jan). However my DS did get the flu shot this year. I pa__sed on it last year since he was just barely 6 months old and that is the minimum age and children under the age of 9 getting the flu shot for the very first time need two shots 4-6 weeks apart.


cayingo - November 24

The flu vaccine is perfectly safe for pg women. My OB recommended that I get the flu shot, mostly b/c I am a teacher and am exposed to so many nasty germs.


Liezel - November 25

I got my flu shot 2 weeks ago and feel fine. Both my family doctor and my Oby/Gyn suggested I get it to protect myself and the little one. I also work as a nurse in a hospital, so I thought it was necessary. For me it was a case of better safe than sorry and I always get it every year.


Mommy2Be - November 25

We got ours a few weeks ago, dh and I, and our 20 month old son got his last week. Other than a minor sore arm there were no side effects. Last Christmas my son who was then 10 months was extremely ill, ended up on a nebulizer for weeks. It was scary and this year we are doing everything we can to prevent the flu, especially with a newborn being in the house.



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