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josie4 - October 1

My husband and I have to go to Orlando from 10/15 - 10/19 for business. My due date is 11/10. I'd be 36 weeks 2 days when we leave. I'm a little nervous about flying so close to my due date. What do you guys think? I don't want to be having my baby on a plane or in Florida. :)


inuk-mama - October 1

talk to your dr. and airline, some will let you fly only with dr's permission. Others don't care and some have their own rules about it.


J.J. - October 1

How long is the flight? Depends where you're starting from. Also, you'll need your dr's okay. Lastly, check that the airline doesn't have restrictions. Some do (and won't let you fly in last 4 weeks; others have none). I flew cross country at 34 weeks.


josie4 - October 1

We'd be flying Continental and they don't have any restrictions. The flight would be from Cleveland, OH, so about 2.5 hours long. I haven't talked to my midwife yet, but I'm going to. (I'm having a homebirth, so no dr.)


josie4 - October 1

I guess we're going. I doubt I'll go into labor, but we're going to risk it..


angeev - October 2

I flew at 26w and needed a doc's note. But just to let you know, my baby spun and did cartwheels non-stop the whole we were in the air, both ways! Everything was totally fine but this did freak me out at first. CLEVELAND!! How fun, I miss that place. My hubby is from there are when we lived in Cols we made regular trips to the area.


denimb__terfly - October 2

My husband works for an airlines, and MOST airlines will NOT let you fly that late into pregnancy because of the risk of you going into labor and there not being a doctor on the plane. I would check with the airlines, because you don't want to get there and then be told you cannot board the plane. Also, get your doctor's note of approval- this might help, but it also let's you know that your doctor thinks it's ok- if you have not already asked.


docbytch - October 2

Josie...I think it's highly unwise to fly at your late stage. Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly DID go into labor. All your plans to deliver at home would be wrecked because you would obviously have to get yourself to the nearest hospital ASAP....and plus you would be delivering in a city far from your home. JMHO. It's your call. I will tell you though that I had a miscarriage 3000 miles from home which was traumatic birth away from home just seems risky. Good luck nonetheless


DaBonkElsMe - October 2

You reall have to talk to your doctor about it, even if the airline has no restrictions. The change in pressure you experience could cause early labor. Just tell your doctor and he might tell you what to look for and how to handle it. PLUS - your Dr. might know of another Dr or clinic in Orlando that you could use in case of emergency.


Tink - October 2

i would not choose to fly at 36w ( I am 35w). really you are term then and could go at anytime. i just wouldn't risk it, but it is your decision ifyou have your doctor's support. i would be concerned that close to delivery. i usually travel a lot for work and they haven't made me fly at all since 8 weeks- there was a big show i usually go to a few weeks ago, and they knew better than to ask me to go- and that was at like 33w. of course i am sure work didn't want to be liable if something happened.


J.J. - October 2

If the airline has no restrictions, your dr gives you the ok and you know the risks, then I don't see why not. (a change in cabin pressure is pretty remote). BUT, i would also be prepared for last minute cancellation (ie, make sure it's a refundable/transferable ticket). B/c at this late stage, it prob requires a dr's visit a few days before so they can do an internal and make sure your cervix is closed, etc. I flew at 34 weeks and even back then, was ready to cancel if needed. I flew cross country and aside from being in a car accident on the way back to the airport (we were okay), missing the flight, and having to buy new tickets with connections to get back home, AND traveling w/a toddler.....flying 34 weeks preg wasn't that bad!


Krissy25 - October 2

I wouldn't do it, i had my baby at just over 37 weeks and only a few days before i had no indications that labor would be so soon. Even if you make the flight what would you do if you went into labor while you were in Orlando? You would have to go to a hospital and you wouldn't be able to have your homebirth and the person delivering your baby would be someone you don't know and would be uncomfortable with. Plus traveling by air has become a lot more hectic lately, your plane could be delayed or you could be sitting on the runway for over an hour, at 36 weeks you will be very uncomfortable. I know i'm sounding negative, but i was really taken by surprise when my dd came early.


josie4 - October 2

Thanks for all the responses everyone! I'm nervous about it, but my husband wants to go. I see my midwife on Monday, so I'll talk to her then and I'm going to talk to my husband about it again. Worst case is my husband will go without me, which I don't want, but I don't want to have my baby in FL either. :)


Tory1980 - October 2

I flew at 34weeks, had a signed Doctors and Midwifes note to say I could fly and there was no chance of impending labour and I delivered him the following day. I had pains on the flight as soon as we were in the air. Be carful as being that close the change in pressure could put you into labour and if you do you can say goodbye to that home birth. Good luck!


Cojeom - October 2

Josie4-if I were you, I wouldn't risk it. Most airlines have a no fly policy after 36 weeks, and a no refund either. Seats have gotten smaller since the last time you flew & and so have the bathrooms on the plane :) and at that alt_tude you will swell even more that could cause some major issues for you. And if you delivered, you would need your medical records on hand with you at all times, and place to deliver already planned out. Plus think about how long you will be stuck in Florida waiting for permission to return home by flight, you can't fly with a newborn right away. Then you'll be away from your mid-wife & your home, family, pets, etc. Who will take care of things in your home if say both you and your husband are delayed for another 2 weeks. It's such a short trip, 4 days, totally not worth the actual dollar amount that you will end up spending if you do go into labor. Unless your filthy rich ...:)


josie4 - October 2

Thanks ladies! :D Haha, I'm certainly not filthy rich. I'm going to tell my husband I shouldn't go. It's just not wise. He'll have to go by himself. I don't want to risk it.



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