Flying In First Week Of Ninth Month

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mira - February 18

I'm taking a 12 hour plane right in my 35th week. Am I crazy?!? does flying cause concractions?


CARRIE - February 18

It might cause them i cant be sure, all info should have been got from your midwife or doctor. They could advice you about the best things to do. Although there is a possibility of labour while in flight. I think for defenet you should where support tights and move about as much as you can to prevent deep vein thrombosis.


To Mira - February 18

You might want to check with the airline your are flying on too- some don't allow you to fly past a certain point. My Dr. doesn't want her patients flying after 34 weeks but they all differ- check with your Dr.!!


Tierrah - February 18

Hi Mira! I have a personal story about this subject. I decided to take a 4 hour plane ride to visit my sister while 34 weeks into my first pregnancy. Everything went great until the flight home. To make a long story short, something happened to the plane and we had a 12 hour lay-over in San Franscisco. We asked the airline if there is something they could do for us, to ease the lay-over experience. They said the most they would do was let me hang out in their lounge. Well, since that didn't have that much more than the regular terminal, I decided against it. After the 12 hour lay-over, we had a 5 hour (midnight)flight back home. We came home and slept all the next day. That was Saturday. On Sunday I went into labor and wound up having my son at 34 1/2 weeks. I am not sure if the early labor was caused by the ordeal, but I would never do that again. I think the airlines have posted that you shouldn't fly after a certain date. I don't know when that is. You may want to check. My point is, you never know what may happen...and the last thing you may want is a lay-over and then 12 hours on a plane. That is a long time!!! But, it's up to you.....whatever you decide to do. good luck!


trina - February 26

On sunday I will heave transfer embrion so i am wondring what is the best do do to become pregnanat


Jenny - March 13

No, don't! Flying is dangerous after the 32 week. It's not worth it. Especially a 12 hour plane ride. Forget it!


Toya - March 14

Why would you want to be in an airplane for 12 hours at 35 weeks pregnant...doesn't sound comfortable.


nancy - December 6

can I fly eigth wek?


Holly - December 7

Flying is not dangerous to the baby at all. The problem is if you go into labor. I am 28 weeks and flew yesterday. My doc says its fine and does NOTHING to the baby. The only thing you should worry about is if you go into labor. You should seriously talk to your doctor about questions like this.


Selena - December 7

Flying while pregnant does increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis so you should make sure to wear support pantyhose or socks. When I was considering flying to a friends wedding my midwife approved it up until 32 weeks. You must check with the airlines as most have policies requireing a doctors note up until 34 weeks and then no flying after.


Gina - December 7

Yes, if you must fly, wear the socks, also drink 12 ounces of water every hour while on the plane, and keep active by wiggling and stretching your feet, legs and toes.


Samantha - December 9

I was told that even the airlines won't allow you to fly after 7 months...I can't imagine it being too comfortable for you, either...It's not good for the baby...


Hello People - December 10

This post is from feb 05.....stop replying to it!!!!



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