Food What U Like And Don T

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Diann - February 6

just a lil interested in what other 3rd tri moms to be are into for food or not into. for me...... i love fresh veggies and fruit. give me a good medium rare steak, bake potato w/ butter, cheese w/ bacon bits and i'm all yours. and yet any sort of meat that is fatty or even fatty food and i lose my appet_te. But i will confess no weird craving from me, okay so i could do with a rum and coke but i can wait another year for that one. lol!..........What about you?


averysmom - February 6

brownies!!!!!! with a big gla__s of cold milk!! YUM!!!


Tammy276 - February 6

I love FRUIT right now, its pretty much the only thing that doesn't make me feel sick!! I want a big juicy steak so bad, but its too cold out to fry out and I can't stand the taste of restaurant ones...otherwise sweets.....yummy sweets!!!


danimarie - February 6

haha....ANYTHING sounds good to me.....I would KILL for some junk cream, brownies, cheetos, cheap frozen pizza, french fries.....MMM!!! I would love to have a meal like that....BUT I am gaining too much weight, so now I am being good and eating salad everyday for lunch with lettuce, tomato, cuc_mber, a very small amount of chicken b___st, avocado, and dill dressing....or cheese....or croutons....or bacon bits..or any of the other yummy things : ( And I eat FiberOne honey clusters cereal for breakfast...instead of my favorite...Golden Grahams...and last night instead of icecream for a bedtime snack I had a banana....BLAH! I like healthy food....but sometimes I just wanna sit down and gorge on JUNK! LOL! But, I won't.


Diann - February 6

No no no Tammy276, if your dh loves like every good dh should luv their expecting wifes, he would forgo any discomfort he may feel and bbq a steak for you. lol! mine does, but he's learned to grill on a cast iron skillet inside cause apparently -40 is tooo cold. boo hooo! lol!!!!


xoxticiaxox - February 6

I had one weird craving, and I dont know why...I craved gla__s...I just wanted to munch down on a gla__s bottle! The other is popsicles and ice creme! And coke, omg I cant get enough coke!


jessicaspatherapist - February 6

xoxt....what you had (that weird craving for gla__s) is a condition called PICA...look into it, its unusual but can happen during pregnancy.


xoxticiaxox - February 6

Well, it sucks alot, because you want it soooo bad, but I dont at the same time lol! After I watched the grinch movie and he ate a bottle, Ive been craving it badly! lol


candaceann1 - February 6

I cant stand eating beef and chinese with this pregnancy. I crave sushi, mahi mahi and lunchmeat. Stuff I cant eat being pregnant of course. I love anything chocolate and food that contain sugar. We are going out for ice cream tonight. It is -4 degrees here and I want ice cream.


Diann - February 6

with my first i craved ice cream, nothing weird right? but it was winter temps in the -30. so the weird part is I could only eat the ice cream if i sat outside


Tammy276 - February 6

unfortunately, my DH doesn't grill out unless I beg him!! I am usually the one that grills out because I use to work in a bar and did grilling all the time so he seems to think that I do a better job than him.....I always said, I do it at work, what makes you think I want to do it when I get home!!!


DDT - February 6

Meat disgusts me...and when I do eat it I can only get down little bits at a time. I'm into ice-cream in a big way these last 3 weeks or so (Im 38wks2d now). I hate chocolate apples & bananas. Umm...I love potatoes in any form or shape.


mamagoose - February 6

Anything cinnamon for me... YUM! I can't eat chicken or fish anymore, and I used to like them... I definately go for the sweet stuff now, like gummy candies and licorice!


chriss - February 7

Haven't really had cravings until recently, I LOVE cookie dough or brownie ice-cream, which I don't usually have and I LOVE nachos (really spicey!) Other than this i usually try to eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies!



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