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Netty - January 22

When we br___t feed, are we still supposed to avoid the same kind of food we did during pregnancy like deli meats, soft cheeses, etc.? I am soooo dying for a sub!


amanda - January 22

maybe im a bad pregnant lady but i have eaten basically anything ive wanted i think its a joke you are not soposed to eat deli meants and all that maybe if youate a pound a day that would be bad but come on our parents ate what they wanted smoked and didnt know it was bad maybe even drank everything is way too thought out today!!!!


Kari - January 22

I read that you only still need to watch how much seafood you eat per week because of the mercury. Also avoiding the tuna, shark, etc...


Samantha - January 22

I didnt know that im not supposed to eat deli meats? I ate huge subs in 2 days in row recently!!! Ur dr told u not to eat them???


Kel - January 22

My doc told me that only way deli meat could be harm to you was if you were at someone's house (for example) and the meat had been sitting out all day. I just try to make sure the meat is fresh from teh deli, I have eaten subs here and there and so far, so good.


Angie - January 22

I'm craving a sub too and I never ate them before I was pregnant. My hubby asked me what I wanted after delivery today and I said I really want a sub!


JennyC - January 23

Netty, my husband and I were just wondering that this weekend, especially the soft cheeses! We're going to ask at our b___stfeeding cla__s on Feb.6, so if you haven't gotten an answer by then, I'll try to remember to post it on this site.


Joanne - January 23

I've eaten subs at Subway - yum! I don't think that they're bad


mel - January 23

I agree with Amanda above. I've even eaten sushi (which they tell you not to eat as well) did the same with my first and everything was hunky dory.


andrea - January 23

their are some things that you should quit, but eating deli meat? Come on. I eat catfish alot, too, but I don't think that has mercury in it, or at least not very much. Like my sister said "people do hard-core drugs, drink, smoke the entire time they are pregnant- so I'll be d__ned if I'm going to give up caffeine". My doc says moderation is key. I know I've been drinking the hell out of milk.


Tasha - January 23

Im so parinod that I dont eat what they say not to, the only excpetion I have is chocolate, but it has such a little amount of caffiene that I dont think it matters. But on the plus side the things that they say not to eat aren't that nutrishious for you anyway so I dont think Im missing out. If I really craved something I would have it, but other than that I stay away. I think if you get your veggies and fruits in that have the nutrition than eating a bit of other things isnt that big of a deal and b___stmilk I thought kinda filters things??? Not sure, good question though.


JennyC - January 23

Netty - you might get an answer to you questions on the Breastfeeding forum. I think most ladies here just know about diet during pregnancy.


..... - January 23

the bug you are trying to avoid is Listeria which is found in pre made salads, deli meats (your not guaranteed freshness) and soft cheeses. I have been warned by the midwife and dr. so many times, their warning must come from experience.


Jen9776 - January 23

I b___stfed baby #1 for 15 mos. and found that the only thing I couldn't eat was beans (pinto, kidney, etc.). I ate everything else in site. I believe the b___stfeeding diet has more to do with what the baby will tolerate. Some moms can't do spicy, others's trial and error!



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