Foot Massage Causes Contractions

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N - September 28

My doctor just told me the other day not to let my hubby rub my ankles/heels because it causes contractions.. I had never heard of this before, but when i asked my girlfriend (she's very into spiritual healing and homeopathic medicine) she said it's completely true. I guess every organ in the body corrisponds with a point in the foot.. ANYHOO.. i just thought this was interesting and i know alot of you here are getting REALLY anxious to have those babies, so maybe this can help. I am sure if you google it you can find better info.


Julie - September 28

Thanks I will make my husband give me a foot ma__sage later!


Jackie - September 28

This may be true...I am only 30 weeks but whenever my hubby gives me a foot ma__sage the baby starts moving around all crazy!!! Heard that rubbing between the toes causes the contractions


pbj - September 28

I heard the same as Jackie that it was between the toes somewhere. I'll be sure to let me pedicurist know.


tracy - September 28

i see my ma__sage therapist every other month or so and since i've been pregnant, she'll ma__sage my feet but totally avoids my ankles. it all has to do with pressure points in your feet - of which there are tons. and one around your ankles is 'connected' to your uterus. this is definately worth a try for the ladies who want to get things going! i've heard of worse things than a nice foot ma__sage to bring labour on :P


Cora - September 28

I go for pedicures every month, and they always avoid ma__saging certain areas. Any educated pedicurist or aesthetician or reputable spa should know about that. And its actually the achilles tendon that they are to avoid ma__saging, as it can cause contractions. Rubbing between the toes is absolutely fine, unless your ticklish then I dont recommend


soes it have - September 29

something to do with reflexology? I remember there was a spot ont he foot for sooothing cramps. There's a spot on the foot that relates to all of your body parts.


<Amy> - September 29

I has sme reflexology a few weeks back. The area around the ankles is supposed to be connected to the ovaries and tends to be tender on a pregnant woman.


Stephanie - September 29

Thanx.....We are trying just about everything now that we are 38 weeks!!! We will do this also tonight.........Thanx again


Heidi - September 29

Interesting. We have a homeopathic guy in town here, or whatever you call them. I call him the witch doctor. Everything he sells and does is natural. He does acupuncture too. But anyway, he brought some posters of feet into my mom's store, they own a frame shop, and it showed all the little sections of the foot and what organs it triggers. Very interesting and I wouldn't doubt if this is true. Maybe I'll go see him next week for a ma__sage!!!! My doc said she's out of town this weekend so I'll hold off till she gets back. Ha ha! I bet he'd tell me where to rub too. I'll have to ask at my prenatal cla__ses tonight too if they've heard of that before.


N - September 29

Heidi, let us know what you find out. I am very curious as to whether or not this works.


Stephanie - September 29

Yes me too!!! Do tell when you find out .........


Heidi - September 29

I'll let ya know. Only thing that might be bad is maybe it brings on contractions but what if you're not dilated enough? So maybe it's not a good thing. I'll have to ask how that all works tonight. My doc told me she delivered for a woman the other night who's water broke but she wasn't even dilated but having lots of contractions and it took 12 hours before she finally dilated. Yikes! She said she hopes I dilate fast as it's not common for first time mom's to do so.


Julie - September 29

Well my husband has been rubbing my feet and nothing!


Amanda - September 29

Hello Ladies, go to this web site and scroll all the way down...I am not sure if any of this will start contraction though...



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