For All First Time Moms Were You Early Or Late

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chriss - January 30

This is for all women who had their first baby, did you have your baby before your due date or after? I'm just wondering what the likelihood is of having my baby early, this is my first...................


laura8 - January 30

i was due yesterday and im still pregnant! they say that most first-timers are later rather than early. good luck!


Danielle19 - January 30

i had mine 1 day late and my friends just had her first baby 3 1/2 weeks early and had a 2 hour labor lucky her!!


Jenny - January 30

I had my first son 41 weeks 2 days, still waiting on my second.


MB - January 30

Mine was 10 days early, i have 2 1/2 weeks to go with second.


Kristin11 - January 31

My daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early. I am 29 1/2 weeks prego now with number 2 , i guess we will see when i go this time.


apr - January 31

mine was 41 weeks and 6 days. I had one more day until i got induced, and I went naturally : ) I dont think theres any rule on being late or early with first timers.


shannon5980 - January 31

for my first and second child I had them on their due dates (not very common) for my third child i had him 10 days early. i am currently 10 days away from my due date for my fourth child.


sahmof3 - January 31

I had mine at 41 weeks, 6 days...


mellycat82 - January 31

Hi.. Im only 31 weeks so I know how you feel, any little hope of your little bundle arriving early sound great.. they say once you are past 37 weeks.. you are more than likely gonna carry past your date on your first. A friend of mine just had a little boy on Sunday.. she was 36 weeks, and that was her first.. so you never know!! Hang in there! xx


kerryv - January 31

i think it just all depends on when the baby wants to come out:) i think there are just as many women that deliver 'early' with their first as their are that deliver late- you are just more likely to hear about those that carried later than their due date, just as you are to hear more horror stories of delivery versus the nice, run of the mill delivers.


Jenny2 - January 31

hi- i just gave birth to my little son (firstborn) at 42 weeks- had to be induced because nothing was happening- i was completely closed- and ended up with an emergency c-section because the baby went into distress due to an aged placenta.


HEATHER - January 31

16 days late!


GIGI - January 31

With my first, my due date was June 9 then changed to June 6...I had her June 10.


jessica1 - February 1

I had my first daughter at 42 weeks ....the day I was gonna be induce she came.....


ILOVEMYBABY - February 1

Well my due date was January 29th, and I'm still waiting. So I guess for my first, I'm going to be late.



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