For All Of You Who Have Already Had Your Babies

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cfuller - November 23

Ok, so before I got pregnant I have always had really nice skin with no acne problems whatsoever. However, since I got pregnant I have had TERRIBLE acne my ENTIRE pregnancy! It is literally the bane of my existence and I hate having people see me like this. I have it all over my back, chest, neck and face and I want to scream everytime I see myself in the mirror. My question is for anyone else who had this same problem while pregnant. I just want to know when will this acne clear up? I don't expect it to go anywhere until after I give birth, I just want to know how soon after I have my baby will my skin clear up and go back to being normal and not nasty? Also, did any of you have scarring from your pregnancy acne? I really appreciate any help I can get.


Kitalj07 - November 24

Well... . I too had bad acne when I was pregnant, but It went away after I had my baby... SO don't worry you'll be back to normal in no time. Or you can ask the doctor to prescribe something for acne that you can take during pregnancy!


sfrog68 - November 24

I am 12 pp and had acne like you where it was all over my face, chest, neck and back. My doctor said there was nothing they could give me all I could do was scrub it. Now that I have had my dd and all, I still have it on my back pretty bad. The rest of me has cleared up though. If my back doesn't clear up soon I am going to have to go to a dermatoligst (sp*). Good luck.


redmondsky - November 24

I too have never had acne - even during puberty - didn't get any with my first pregnancy either. Then WHAMO - for the first 5 months of this pregnancy I got crazy backnee - that's what I call it anyways - it was kind of painful actually. All over my back. Blech. Then around 6 months it just cleared up and it's gone. I don't know how far along you are but hopefully you will be like me and it will clear up! I did find that being at the cottage this summer and getting some sun helped to dry it up. Plus I used SPECTROGEL on it - that stuff is pretty good. Hope it clears up for you soon!


javidsgirl - November 24

my acne just cleared up i am 15 weeks pp so really depends on the indiviual best of luck


Mommy2Be - November 24

With my first son I had horrible acne on my arms, chest, and back. My doctor gave me two different prescriptions for it, neither helped a lot. After I gave birth it cleared up almost right away and left no scarring, thank goodness. Happy to report I'm a week away from my due date with my second son and haven't had any issues this pregnancy with it.


DDT - November 24

The hormones that cause the acne during pregnancy still stick around after the birth of your lo. How long that will be depends on the individual. I never got acne during my pregnancy but got more pimples than normal. I think after about 3-4 months pp my skin was back to normal. Don't worry it won't last forever.


sarah21 - November 24

You can try to make it better with regular hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and rub it on your face. It has made a big difference for me. I usually use proactiv but stopped during pregnancy in case it isn't safe, and it's sort of kept things under control better.


cfuller - November 24

Thank you all SO much! I am 32 weeks along so I know there isn't much longer to go until my lo is here and hopefully my skin will clear up very quickly. I'm a__suming pp stands for "post pregnancy" am I correct? Thanks for helpng me out with this, I was worried it would never go away!



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