For August Mommies Baby S Name

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Amara - May 26

What are you going to name your babies? I am due august 31st and her name will be Xiomara Nerissa James. I was going to be silly and name her Jessica *grin* (Jessie James) but I wanted something different. It's so hard to come up with the perfect name. Xiomara might change though, I was thinking of giving an african name, but who knows...


amanda - May 26

Wow! how would you pronounce Xiomara? I'm due Aug 13, and her name will be Josephine.


Kristin - May 26

Hello Amara, by the way i think YOUR name is very lovely. We are having a little boy and i really want to name him Jaxon Cole!!!!


Amara - May 26

Cool names guys... Josephine from Little Women *sniff loved that book and movie*. Kristin is Jaxon (pron Jackson). I like Cole too... Xiomara - the X is pronounced like a Z... so Z-oh-mara.


Kristin - May 26

Yeppers, Jaxon pronounced Jackson


nm - May 26

I am due Aug 16th and we are thinking about the name Sarah or Ashley


ada - May 26

iam due on the aug 24th so excited iam planing to name my baby Kaylain Raquel mercado


xxx - May 26

Kaylain Raquel mercado? huh? are you spanish? that is a really pretty name


m - May 26

I'm due Aug. 17th and naming my little girl Taya Michelle. I can't wait until she gets here!


Suzanne - May 26

I am due aug 18th and am thinking about the name Kieron Maddox for my little boy...I can not wait but I'm very nervous!


Auntie Steff - May 27

My neice is coming August 5th. Her name is Jayden Marie. I am so happy and excited!!!


Kelly - May 29

I like the name!! My father of the baby wanted to name her (if girl) Ethel after his grandma and I Maybelle after my grandma; everyone thinks we are crazy. Ethel Maybelle. Or Olivia.


shelly - May 29

iam due on 8/14, and we are trying to decide between annaliese or mikayla for our girl. what do you think?


Amara - May 29



jenn - May 29

im due on 8/10 and our little girls name will be kimberly jean. the name you chose is beautiful and unique.


KellyB - June 1

I am due August 7th. Her name will be Bella Kylee.


tara - June 1

I'm due Aug 8 and still thinking over a few names. Shelly - I like Annaliese, it's very pretty and unique. mikayla is also very nice but I have heard a few others going with Mikayla...never Annaliese!



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