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treshala - February 22

What have you enjoyed THE MOST during your pregnancy?? What will you miss the most about being pregnant??


treshala - February 22

I'll go first...i think i enjoyed FOOD the most...ive enjoyed food before but not like since being pregnant. Also...i enjoyed warm baths like crazy...I know its alot more but ill leave some for others lol :-)


mahagen - February 22

LOL, I enjoy not having my period!!!!


angel_on_earth - February 22

i have enjoyed not doing the cat litter and also everyone making a big fuss of me!!! LOL...I will miss all the down time that I have experienced since leaving work, just reading pregnancy books, napping and caring about myself and only myself for the last while since I know that's about to change BIG time!!! :) I will tell you though that I miss my body being only mine and I miss a really nice gla__s of wine and sushi...those are my favourites!!! :)


jujulbee98 - February 22

i love the fact that everyone expects the preggo lady to be b___hy!! i love it when i hear 'wow, youre actually a nice pregnant lady!' oh and i love that everyone carries stuff for me!! and people are always buying me icecream (which i dont really care for but its part of the prego sterotype lol.) i really think its cute and enjoy how people treat you differently!!


jenice - February 23

The looks of sheer sympathy from women when I'm out in public!


surewinwilliams - February 23

I will miss not having to suck in my gut...Now I can poke it out for the world to see!


jenice - February 23

And having an excuse to be lazy! And naps. Random food cravings, and being allowed to go with it!


bellybubble - February 23

haha this is fun - I am with treshala - FOOD!! And also bigger b___bs!!!! haha!


cayingo - February 23

I have enjoyed the fact that I am actually growing OUR baby inside me (this is an IVF baby who took A LOT of patience and $$ to get). NOt a day has gone by where I wsan't amazed by what a miracle this process is. The best part of it has been watching our 7yo dd get so attached to her brother and he's not even here yet. I have missed most my evening gla__s of wine. But it has been well worth it. My biggest complaint comes only from the past 3 weeks (35-37.5 weeks of pg): insane intestinal cramping/constipation. OMG!!!


sammommy - February 24

I'll miss feeling the babies move around :>) I just love being pregnant!!



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