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Dawn - October 11

I know there is a br___tfeeding post but this seems to be the best place for answers. Usually the same bunch is on here. I will not be working for at least 6 months. My plan is to br___tfeed BUT there are so many horror stories. DO you have any suggestions on how to make this successful???????


Lesley - October 11

I b___stfed my 2nd baby for almost 9 month. What kind of horror stories have you heard? The worst that I think happens is you get the odd person who still lives in the stone ages, who thinks its sick. Just smile at them and say "sorry you feel that way". That soon shuts them up. Also you might experiance sore nipples for a short time. I found that nipple cream was really good for that. I'm not sure where you from but I bought Asda's George. It is so soothing. Think of all the benefits of b___stfeeding. Theres all the medical facts, then there is the practicality of it all. No bottles to steralise, no messing about trying to get food the right temp, as soon as the babys hungry it's food is already there, no time waisted makin up bottles etc... Also theres the bond.


To Lesley_dawn - October 11

THANKS!! I have heard your nipples are so sore and you get engorged and it hurts like heck. I want to and will do all I can to make it work. Some say it is pain that is just terrible. I just tell them OH WELL I have nothing but time so I will make it work. Thanks for the good note


JB - October 11

Dawn, I b___stfed my 1st for 8 months and my 2nd for 9 months. I started using "Lansinoh" on both of my nipples before I had my kids. The cool thing about that brand, is that you don't have to wash it off before or after b___stfeeding, that, and it according to the packaging, it's a really good lip balm too. haha. As far as horror stories go, they probably have to revolve around cracked and bleeding nipples. That usually occurs when the baby doesn't latch on properly. Other than that, there is the occasional leaking b___st, especially when you hear a baby cry. I don't know about you, but after everyone that had poked and prodded me at hospital visits, I really lost my modesty and didn't really care much about it. There are a lot of great benefits for you and your baby though. Lesley got a lot of them already. Remember, you can always pump and make your hubby or someone else feed the baby if you are tired. Also, if you are worried about milk production, there is a tea by "Traditional Medicines" that is called "Mother's Milk Tea". Hope that helps and good luck.


J - October 11

I myself have heard tons of horror stories such as sore nipples, babies not eating enough, babies not sleeping (wanting to b___stfeed 24/7), Mom getting no sleep, latching problems, etc. After the stories I have heard I have been terrified of BFing. I watched my sis get mast_tus 3 times and my other sister sit on the couch for 8 hours crying because the baby wouldn't latch. I guess what bothers me is that some women don't admit that it is hard.


Dawn - October 11

Thanks for the imputs!!! I will do my best adn let you know. Keep the fingers crossed I go in this Fri for induction.


Lesley - October 11

You are right J a lot of women do find it hard, but the majority that do b___stfeed actually suceed. I think I had sore nipples for about a week. I admin I felt like giving up, almost did a couple of times, but when I thought about the reasons I was doing it and that made me more determaned to stick it out. Once you have got the positioning right things get a lot easier. Good luck Dawn at the labour and the b___stfeeding. I'm due any day now and plan on b___stfeeding again :-)


JB - October 11

You know, J, you are right, and it can be frustrating. The sad truth is that one of the main reasons that I b___stfed my kids is the expense vs. formula. We were already on a tight budget, and it was either b___stfeed or use cloth diapers.


Kim - October 11

I plan on b___stfeeding once I deliver at the end of this month and have taken enough cla__ses to know that it may be tough, especially at first, but when I think about how good it is for both mom and baby, I plan to do everything I can to succeed. One suggestion that I have heard from others is to join a local support group if you need to. They say that only a very small percent of women (< 1%) truly can't b___stfeed and so I will do my best to stick it out, knowing that it may not be easy.


lyn - October 11

No matter what the problems you have, or get. Keep b___stfeeding!! It is so rewarding. I have a 3 week old and had problems with one of my nipples being inverted (have masterd the perfect latch on that one), very painful engorgement (that goes away in 24 to 48 hrs with frequent feeding), mast_tis, and just now thrush (I just have it,because of the antibiotics to treat the mast_tis), BUT I won't give up. You get past any problems if you just keep doing it. Any pain you have in the beginning, which all mothers have goes away. And the poop has little to no smell in a b___stfeed baby, and they don't spit up as often. If you are going to be home anyways, then b___stfeed. There is no reason not to. Also get the book "The womanly art of b___stfeeding" it is great and will answer a lot of questions (ignore some of the crazy things in there though).


M - October 12

What if you have other children. It is such a struggle everyday. I am due any time now and have been back and forth deciding what to do. My son is 3 he goes to preschool and we have to be out of the house by 8 am. It is such a struggle every morning getting him out of the house. I don't know how I am going to manage with a baby. It just seems like bottle feeding will be easier for me because it will allow me to get more sleep and get my baby on a schedule faster. I watched my sister do it with other children and the other children were left out and it seems like all she did was feed the baby while the other kids ran loose.


Dawn - October 12

Thanks for all your responces. I actually go in tom night at midnight for induction SO I will definately not give up on b___stfeeding. THANKS again and good luck to all


BF+FORMULA - October 12

i just had my first baby boy..the only trouble i have b___st feeding is i don't have enough to feed my baby and i never get engorged but still i'm bf him and when he is still hungry or when we r in public i bottle feed him and there's no trouble with that at all,,i even pump but don't get much to do so..but still never gave up


lyn - October 12

Remember, nursing runs on supply and demand. Even though you don't think there is enough milk in there, there is enough, enough for your baby. My b___st never get engorged any more, but I still have milk. Just make sure that your baby is gaining weight. Plus if you supplement with formula your milk supply WILL go down. So only use formula in emergencies.



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