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Toya - April 25

For the women on this forum between the ages of 18 and 25, I am curious as to how your pregnancy has been and to what you want your birth experience to be like. Well, as for me. I am 20 years old (will be 21 on May 11th). I have been married for one year and 8 months. This is our first child, and it's a girl! I am 38 weeks and my due date is May 8th (Mother's Day!) My pregnancy has been great! The only discomfort that I've had is heart burn!! No nausea, no achey joints...etc...The only craving that I've had has been fruit!! (citrus) I've gained 20lbs and I feel great! I forget I'm pregnant most of the time. As for my ideal birth experience...I want to have my baby girl naturally and I want to br___tfeed right away. I've never experienced so much joy in my life! Are any of you taking childbirth classes?


Toya - April 25

I hope that made you feel better...


Jenny - April 25

Come on now Janis...I've been the biggest trouble maker on this entire web site and if you think Toya is bad, you should see what people think of me...but I love it nonetheless! Good for you Toya...congrats on having a SUPER pregnancy...I kinda figured from all your positive responses to all the threads that you've been having a BLAST!! Good for you...keep enjoying it and pa__s all that good energy to your child!


Jenny - April 25

btw, was anything I just said "rude"? You have to be so careful nowadays.


Maddie - April 25

Congratulations Toya! I am in a similar situation...21 yrs. old, married and first child. I'm 32 weeks along, and I'd like to do the "natural" labor thing too. There are really a lot of benefits to not getting an epidural, although they're blurred by the popularity of having one. I can't say that I won't wimp out, but I'm hoping to stick through it like a soldier! What a great due date! Very cool. I totally envy you! YOU'VE ONLY GAINED 20 lbs?!?! Grrrr...well...wish I could say the same. I feel great too though, no sickness, just heartburn. Anyway...good luck, your baby should be here soon! What are you naming her?


Toya - April 26

Maddie, thanks! Congrats to you too! We're not sure as to what we are going to name her. We like the name Aubrey Iman...but I think once she's born and we see her...we'll know for sure. I think it's great that you want to attempt a natural childbirth as well! Medicine is a last resort for me! What is it with the heart burn? lol. I don't even have to eat anything and I can get heart burn...maybe our babies will have a lot of hair. :) How long have you been married?


E - April 26

I too am going to be a mother, I am due may 4th, and have had no pregnancy complications other ther then the fact that all my blood work never turns out. I am rh negative, and i have group b, and i wasnt immuned to german measels.. but other then that it was just a little bit of back pain. With a WHOLE LOT of heartburn.. and i would even take rolaids but it still sometimes didnt help. I too just a recently newly wed. as of today i have only been married a month, to the man of my dreams.. we were dating 3 and half years previous to being married. We are expecting a little girl where going to name here julie lynn marie. We are both first time parents and very excited but scared at the same time!


Billie - April 26

I am also kinda young. I am 24 but I will be 25 on June 3rd. My son is due June 1st. This is my first pregnancy and everything has been fine so far. I don't have any stretch marks (yet), I haven't had any heartburn or hemmrhoids or constipation. The only thing that I suffer from is swelling. When I wake up in the morning, my hands hurt so much from all the swelling. I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for almost 3 months. The only other thing that bothers me is that sometimes I have a lot of pain in my ribs. It only happens if I slouch while I'm sitting but if I sit up straight then I am ok. Other than that, I'm good. I am ready to have the baby and very excited that I only have 5 weeks left. Congradulations to all the mothers-to-be!!!!


winter - April 26

I am 25 and had my daughter at 22. She was the easiest pregnancy, I had did not have any symptoms just heartburn, but, I gained close to 60lbs with her (I went from 120 to 175). My husband was sick as a dog though (ha ha). I also wanted to natural childbirth but ended up having a emergency c-section instead, my husband was scared to death. But, my little Kailyn came out just fine. This pregnancy on the other hand is killing me. I am physically sick. Toya, good luck n your pregnancy. I am thrilled you have only gained 20lbs (it will be sooooo easy to lose).


Amanda N - April 26

Congrats to all!! I must say I am quite envious. :) I am 23, baby is due May 1st, and I will be married one year May 22nd. It seems like everything you can "get" while pregnant I managed to do so. I have pregnancy induced hypertension, group b strep, too low pota__sium levels etc. For a vast majority of the time I did feel well. Tiredness and such was a pain and I was on partial bed rest for quite a bit. But that lovely heartburn made it all the more fun. I get it too from nothing it seems. I did however only gain 20lbs as well. As far as my birth experience I just want it to happen. I have some other factors that may not let me have a v____al birth. My main concern is not having to have a c-section. I will decide on the meds and such when that time comes. I am just glad to have this experience. I found out last year I have PCOS, so we were glad I got pregnant as quickly as we did. Wish you all the best!!


N - April 26

I am 24 years old and 30 weeks. I have 67 days until my due date and ready to see my son. this is my husband's and I first child together. I haven't had a difficult pregnancy either. Only thing i can complain about is heartburn (which seems to be normal) i have also been moody and my husband tells me sometime that i don't like him anymore because i am so mean to him. Toya i am so jealous i have gone from 135 to 165 and i still have two months left. I want to go naturally but i am so nervous about the entire experience my mother has done it both ways and recommends natural she says that you feel better afterwards like your body heals quicker. congratulations to everyone :)


Danielle - April 26

I am 24 years old and 37 weeks pregnant. This is my first child and my husbands third (he has two from his first marriage). So far things have been not so good for me. I have a lot of swelling, heartburn, I am tired all the time, and my ribs feel as though someone punched me in the ribs. I would like to go natural, but I don't know how much pain I can handle. My due date is May 19th, but if I could have the baby today I would be beyond happy. Good luck to everyone.


Stephanie :) - April 26

Congrats to all the new mommys to be! My due date is May 19th (also my birthday) We are very excited, this our first child, we lost one 2 years ago early in pregnancy and this one has been a blessing. I have had really bad heartburn, but that just makes me more excited to deliver! Our doctor has said he thinks its a girl but keep tags on everything, the past week , I have been getting stressed out, WHAT IF ITS A BOY!!! I know we will be happy no matter what, but with all the pink stuff, it will be hard to return everything and buy all over again! I am so excited as I only have a little while longer! I am not sure of the type of medication I want, I am open to the idea of c-section just incase, ya know plan for bad but hope for good, I am just not a good one to deal with pain, I know it will all be over in the next month and that makes me happy and sad at the same time, I know she will not be in me anymore but we will be able to bond on a whole new level!


nini - April 26

congradulations to everyone in here,you must be so happy that your baby will be here really of luck and wishes


Jill - April 26

Oh hey its me I am 24 due with my 2nd today! its a boy my dughter is three, any way no symptoms of labor at all! So looks like he will be late I don't think walking helps at all. I was 120 when I got pregnant weighed 150 yesterday looks like I swallowed a basketball! I weighed 145 when I had my daughter so I think this one is bigger I've heard boys are bigger than girls so I'm a little scared maybe thats why I haven't went into labor yet


Maddie - April 26

Toya, keep me posted on your delivery!!! You could be MY inspiration for going through it natural. A few reasons to do natural...1) quicker delivery, as epidural slows down contractions, and makes it hard to push 2) quicker recovery time (you can walk YOURSELF to the potty and not have to have a CATHETER stuck in 3) No BACK PAIN or HEADACHES, which is a side effect of epidurals. All very good reasons right? Congrats E, I got married to my first love (Highschool sweetheart) Jan. 9th. We are so happy as well, he's VERY excited to have a son on the way! Billie, my due date is June 15th and I've had the same swelling and sore ribs! My doc told me that we have a floating rib in our upper right hand side, which is the side that hurts me. It could also be a foot seeing how far along you are. So everyone, good luck and congrats!


Toya - April 27

Well, I had my appointment today! The Dr. actually had to do another ultrasound, because my former dr. didn't include some information about the position of my placenta in my medical records...the ultrasound confirmed that i'm having a girl and that my placenta is in the proper position. I am 2cm dilated and not effaced! :( I'm glad to hear about the 2cms atleast though. The Dr. also said that she is still pretty high! I'm due in one week and four I'm going to start walking!!!



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