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Toya - April 27

Well, I had my appointment today! The Dr. actually had to do another ultrasound, because my former dr. didn't include some information about the position of my placenta in my medical records...the ultrasound confirmed that i'm having a girl and that my placenta is in the proper position. I am 2cm dilated and not effaced! :( I'm glad to hear about the 2cms atleast though. The Dr. also said that she is still pretty high! I'm due in one week and four I'm going to start walking!!!


E - April 27

I am due 4 days before you toya. I also am having a girl. And the baby is sitting lower then 0 and I am 100% effaced and 2cm dialated.. and I already lost my mucus plug.. and the doctor confirmed that with me today.. so im hoping anytime now!!


Toya - April 27

E, you are so lucky!!! Sounds like you're going to be a new mom any time now. :) Have you packed your hospital bag yet? I went by the store and got everything that I would need for the hospital. Isn't this exciting??? :) Hopefully by Wednesday of Next week I'll be way more effaced...the dr. actually said that my cervix was so long that it wasn't worth doing a percentage on it...I was like, "THANKS". lol


E - April 28

Toya thanks:). I am very excited I have less then a week to go and i just wanna be able to hold my baby girl in my arms.. how long would you give me after i am already fully effaced and some what dialated?? and mucus plug is gone???


Toya - April 28

E, I have no clue as to how long it will be for you now, but please let us know when you have her and what the experience is like!!! I got a really bad contraction last night in the middle of the night and it elated me. :) But to my dismay, it went away and there were no additional contractions! Every time I have a strong braxton, I get excited!! I can't help it. I think you might deliver within the next 4 days instead of 6...just my guess. :)


E - April 28

Toya, I was thinking the same thing about having her before monday.. im kind of hoping anyday now..


Amanda N - April 29

E, wish you the best. I just went to doc yesterday he said I am 3cm now and wouldn't be surprised if I had her this weekend. Seeing how I am due Sunday that would be great. Keep us updated on you!


Jasmin - April 29

I'm 19 yrs old. I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy so far has been great. I'm having a little boy. I can't wait for Noah to be here! Yes I'm take me birthing cla__ses in June. Noah is due July 30. I'm getting an epidural. Good luck with your pregnancy! Btw, have you come up with any names for you little girl?


Toya - April 29

Well, I am starting to lose my mucous plug! It looks exactly like the mucous from the nose of someone with a cold. At first I thought my water had broken, because I felt a sudden gush!!! When I went to check, it was a glob of mucous. I am going to do some walking on the treadmill today..on the incline..Will keep you posted.


E - April 29

Toya, What did the doctor say to you last?? has ur baby dropped? are you effaced?dillated??


Toya - April 29

E, the Dr. last said to me that I am 2cm dilated, not effaced and that the baby was still pretty high. This was on Wednesday. When she checked for dilation, I immediately started spotting...there was actually blood on her glove and she told me not to worry. The spotting stopped completely after 24 hours. Just now while cleaning the windows I felt a gush (thought it was my bag of waters) and ran to the bathroom...but instead of seeing amniotic fluid, I saw a glob of something..looked like a piece of egg white..same color, same I am accounting it to either the whole mucous plug or part of it...Next appointment is Wednesday...It was so weird, cause I really thought my water had broken!!


E - April 29

That's too bad. Yeah my next app is on wed but it seems so far away.. I just want julie to be here.. I guess i shouldnt keep pushing for birth becuase it will happen on it own. I was just wondering if you could give me some pointers as to what a contraction really feels like..


crystal - May 5

I am now 31 weeks and counting down. I am 22 years old and will be married for 3 years this october. Husband and i were dating since seventh grade in school. We are having a boy naming him Cole Samuel. The only realy problems i have are leg cramps at night. Other than the first trimester throwing up everything has been going great. And yes i am also one of those women that sometimes forgets i am pregnant too. So far i have gained 20 pounds,


Toya - May 5

Crystal, glad to hear about your positive experience!! I am happy that I am having my first baby at 20. I feel great, I look great, and it's just been a joyous experience! I can't wait to hold my baby girl and to let her know how much of a blessing she is to her mother and father. E, how are things going? Keep us posted! So far, nothing for me either. I am going to the pool today to do some meditation and relaxation...I believe that I will go into labor on my own, without induction..


Unknown - May 6 feel great, look great...WOW, do you feel modest, too?


crystal - May 10

Toya...just wondering how your pregnancy is going??



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