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crystal - May 10

Toya...just wondering how your pregnancy is going??


wenling - May 11

Hi Toya, How's eveyrthing?? I'm so glad to hear pple who have great pregnancies as opposed to hearing horror stories all the time. I'm 20 too. will be 21 on nov 29. Found out was 2 months preg after 4 months of being married. I had my baby boy induced at 38 wks on 25 apr cos of some placental probs. I had group b, preterm labour but the medication my doc gave controlled that. I was in labour for abt (only)4 hours. with 45 mins of hard labour. turns out it runs in my family to be very sensitive to the pitocin. but when i went in for the induction, my doc said I was already 2 cm dilated on my own.. not effaced(must be all the walking i did to induce myself when he said I havd to be induced 2 days later). He broke my water bag, fixed the iv, turned up th pit every now and then; and i was doing it without pain medication( only breathing exercises which are very helpful in calming me down.) til abt 3 hours into labour when a stupid nurse came in to tell me that if i didn't want the epidural, the anesthetist was going home. and told me to take it since induction take an average of 8 hours til pushing. At that time, I just couldn't stand the thought of 5 more hours( the night before, my 8 yr old brother was admitted to hospital for a high fever of 39deg c, so i was exhausted and up all night) and i was in great pain, mainly cos i panicked. turns out that I was feeling the baby crowning. That's an extreme lot of pressure. And I should have known that epidural doesn't work on everyone. But psychologically, it calmed me down. my doc came in when i have pushed for 30 mins. and did this sensation 'test' to see if i could feel pain. turns out the epi didn't work. So he gave me a regional before an episiotomy. But I still teared 3rd deg cos of my baby's 10.2cm head! The average asian size at term is 9.2-9.6 according to my doc. After th birth, I wantd to b___st feed but my blood pressure shot up dangerously enough to give mefits. So my baby was taken away from me for 4 hours so i could be under observation. When i could be with baby later, I had probs b___stfeeding. he just won't latch. but the thing is, we both got out of it fine!! And to think of it, the epi wasn't necessary. It didn't work (I wasn't even numb.. was walking ard after the 4 hours of observation.) and childbirth pain was bearable. Even with the pit I was extra sensitiv to. Oh, I gained abt 25lbs. after birth, I was abt 5 lbs above my pre pregnancy weight. Now, I pump b___stmilk for my 2 wk old. evrything's great if you're flexible and optimistic! My hubby asked if i wanted no.2 right after birth and of course-yes! Everything was so worth it!! My next pregnancy, I'll definitely pa__s up on pain medication.



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