For Those About To Deliver How Much Have You Gained

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Dia - December 9

Hi ladies! I am an early 2nd trimester....13.2 weeks...and I have already gained 12 pounds! I am not really vain and I don't really stress about it, but I am already overweight and don't want to gain 60lbs - I will be enormous and I am short. I had a really rough 1st trimester with morning sickness and the only way to keep from being sick was to keep my tummy full - I would even wake up at 5 am for a bowl of cereal, 7am....and finally 9 am....just wondering what the average gain for you ladies is?? Thanks for the answers!!!


Joanne - December 9

Hi DIa.... I am 27 weeks pregnant and have gained 30 lbs. I think that I had gained about the same as you when I was 13 wks preg. I just figure that your body is going to gain what it needs to, so eat what you will and don't stress on the weight:) I normally weigh 110 lbs, so it's kind of wierd for me to be gaining this wieght, but I figure it's all for the baby and hopefully I will lose it afterwards:)


dani - December 9

Dia, I'm 37 weeks and have gained 37 pounds. So it's pretty much a pound a week from the beginnng. I feel fine, but very heavy. I think as long as you eat a somewhat sensible diet and exercise you should be fine.


Brandy - December 9

Hi Dia, I am 38 weeks and have gained 19lbs. Ultrasound showed on Tuesday that my little man is weighing between 8.1-9.1lbs. himself, so I feel pretty good. But I agree with Joanne, your body is going to do what it needs to, just watch what you eat and make as good of food choices as you can (and of course splurge every now and then for yourself). Be careful and remember you will have your gestational diabetes test around 24-28 weeks. I failed the 1st test and pa__sed the 3 hour. I have really craved the sweets.


lauren - December 9

Hi ladies, I due tomorrow, yay!!! I have gained 27 pounds, not too bad i guess, but i still feel like a whale, lol! But i did lose a few pounds because i had surgey at 34 weeks to remove an infected appendix,and i had a little trouble gaining it back. But the baby is just fine, and i am finally healed!! good luck to you and dont stress about it, the weight is all for a good cause :)


lynnstress - December 9

My due date is today - looks like I'll be going late :( - and I have gained 38 lbs. total. I also started my pregnancy overweight. I do a prenatal yoga workout 3 days per week, and try to not eat for two!


K - December 9

Hi Dia. I was the same as you 1st trimester and I'm short too, Eating stopped the nausea. I gained a lot during the first trimester too and I was scared to death I was going to gain 60-70 pounds. My weight gain really slowed down the second trimester (to about 2 pounds a month) even though my nausea didn't stop until 16 or 17 weeks. I'm 27 weeks, and I've gained 20 pounds. My doctor says my weight is right on schedule.


shelly - December 9

I'm 31 weeks sunday, and I've gained 30 lbs. I've been at a constant gain since the beginning, I gained about a pound a week from the start also. I was 123 before and now 153, with 9 weeks to go. Hopefully I only gain about 9 more pounds. Some people tell me you gain alot at the end, hope that dosen't happen here!!


J - December 9

Hello! I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I have gained 27 lbs.


Selena - December 9

I am 36 weeks and will be induced next week if I haven't already gone naturally due to high blood pressure. In my first 5 months I lost 17 lbs d/t extreme nausea and have only gained 12lbs back. At a recent ultrasound all was well with my litte girl so no big deal. It will be kind of nice though to finish this pregnancy weighing less that I started!


Dani - December 9

I am pushing 36 and lost 20 then have regained 11 back ...I had morning sickness horribly the first 5 months. I couldnt keep h2o down. I am alil over weight to begin with too. But i am tall so its not as noticable. I feared gaining alot of weight, like my mother did w/me. Dr. doesnt seemed concerned of my growth so i guess all my extra fat will feed this child :)


Lena - December 9

Hey Dia! I'm 39 weeks pregnant, and I've gained a total of 69 pounds! And I'm 5'4", but I was kind of small when I got pregnant.


Dia - December 9

Hey ladies - thanks for all the answers! I started at 172lbs and at the doc I was 184lbs - and I am only 5'3"! Your responses really made me feel better! I am still suffering with nausea - I think I am gonna be an "unlucky" one and have it until late pregnancy. Yuck! Thanks for relieving my mind and good luck with all your deliveries - and may all your babies turn out to be healthy and bright!!!!!


Kate N Baby - December 9

Hello Ladies. I think it is different for everyone. Body types, babies size ect... I have been stressing a lot about my weight lately. I am not very tall and I weighed 125 b4 and I gained 35 pounds. I just have to remember that atleast I know I am healthy then I know my little guy is healthy. Well big guy. Good luck ladies.


randi - December 10

so far ive gained 16 pounds at 28 weeks but go to the doctor wed. im afraide ive gained another 8 pounds this month if so i will have gainedb 24 pounds. surehope not


:) - December 10

i am 34 weeks, i have gained 32 pounds, and i started at 166, i am 5'4'' so i was a little overweight, (my ideal weight is 135-145) but i'm just gonna worry about losing it after the baby, i don't have too much longer to go, so i guess i can't gain that much more...oh well, i plan on b___st feeding, and i hear that helps the weight come off quick so, we'll see....good luck everyone!!!!!!!



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