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mommybabyboy21 - February 22

HI, ok in two weeks I will offically be in my thrid trimester but I am kind of stressing about weight gain...for the first five months of my pregnancy I gain a total of 10 pounds, then from month five to 6 I gain another 10 pounds for a grand total so far of 20 pounds. now my question is....will I gain another 10 pounds each month until I deliever...will I gain more than 10 pounds in the coming months? what was your weight gain like did you gain more weight in one month then the others...etc. Basically what was your overall weight gain each month. Do you get what I am asking, I feel like I can't convay thoughts sometimes eversince I got pregnant. Thanks for reading and responding :) and congrads on your bundles.


Cevvin - February 22

first, congratulations. Okay, I'm due in 2 weeks and so far i have gained a total of 26 lbs. Unfortunately I was getting over my horrible morning sickness right when thanksgiving hit and I gained 10 lbs that month. But when i found that out, I started watching what I ate. You have to remember that you dont have to litteraly eat for two. Eat healthy and get exercise (like walking, watch your heart rate). Ive been gaining about 1.5 lbs every 2-4 weeks, and my doc said that has been fine. Just talk to your doc and ask what they suggest to not gain to much weight. My problem was that I gained all my weight in one month. Now Im watching what im eating so that i dont spend 3 years working off the baby weight.


chriss - February 23

I am also due in two weeks and have gained at total of approx 27 lbs. It really depends on how much you weighted pre-pregnancy also. At first I gained more weight than I'd hoped, because I had to stop running/tennis etc, but there were some wks that I didn't gain anything as long as you are eating healthy (like Cevvin said, no need to eat for two) you shouldn't worry too much about weight gain, but remember pregnancy is not a license to eat, but you should also enjoy it! Good luck!


Faye84 - February 23

I am 29 weeks and I have gained 17 lbs. Some people pack on the pounds early some later. Just because you gain 10 lbs one month doesnt mean youll gain 10 lbs the next month. if your doc hasnt said agnything im sure you are okay.


ashleyb0827 - February 23

wow. i believe i have you guys beat! i am 39 weeks & i've gained 50 lbs !!!!!! before pregnant, i was 110 ... now i'm 160. And the worst part is that i didn't really change my diet at all (especially these last few weeks i've had almost no appet_te) and my body is really struggling to keep up. but my doctor keeps telling me i'm doing a good job ?????? ugh.


jennylane1965 - February 23

I have gained 32 pounds, I am in week 37..the doctor said the last few weeks you gain about a pound per week.


danimarie - February 23

Hey mommybabyboy21- Honestly, I was the same way, wanting to know how everyone else's weight gain was going so I could get an idea of how mine would be....but the truth is, you'll just have to see what your personal body does. When they say that everyone is different, it is VERY true. Some people gain a ton in the end. Some people don't. I had gained A LOT in the second trimester. In fact, at my 28 week appt I had already gained 28-29 lbs. Well, as of my 31 week appt I have actually gone down a few lbs and now have gained 25lbs. really just depends. Other people will continue to gain a lot. Congrats on your baby! Hope everything goes well! One thing to keep in mind is that your body is gonna store fat easier when you're pregnant than when you aren't. So it really really helps to cut out junk food! Anyway- good luck!


HEATHER - February 23

I am gaining like crazy in my last trimester :( at 20 weeks I was at a whopping 6lbs, now at 38 weeks im at 33lbs. I dont know what to do differently, I eat well, I exercise! and still am seeming to pack on 2/3lbs the last month or so! Luckly only a bit of time left. Im not stressing, ive got forever to get back into shape.


HEATHER - February 23

oops I ment 2/3lbs a week!!


mommybabyboy21 - February 23

Thanks for the responds my dr actully said for my size and the size of the baby's father I should expect a 10 pound baby plus the extras so she wasn't too worried just told me to lay off the bad carbs but don't worry about my weight gain...she said I could gain 60 pounds??? but i don't want to gain that much...its really hard for me to lose weight before I got I was just wondering thanks for the advice.


Faye84 - February 23

i always wondered how can they tell how big the baby will be by how big the parents are? if the docs would look at me they say wed have huge babies because im tall and hes a big guy.. but i was only 5 lbs when born.


mary b - February 23

I'm 38 weeks and i have gained about 59 lbs!! I gained the most in month 5,6 and the 8th have hit every major eating holiday in this pregnancy! My doc is not worried...she thinks i was a bit under weight to begin with. I started at 140 lbs at 5'9''.


vanja10 - February 23

i've gained about 40 lbs and i'm 39 weeks along... most of my weight was in 1st and 2nd trimester as I had no morning sickness, but i wanted to eat everything in sight.. I guess i could call THAT my morning sickness.. If i didn't eat, I would start to feel nausea come on... But in the past 10 weeks, I've gained maybe 5 lbs altogether... most of my weight is in my b___bs (yay) and my belly. and my diet hasn't been the best... I do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, meat/milk but i also drink about 3-4 liters of water a day. so maybe the water helped... also fruits/milk helps with constipation (especially granny smith apples), works like a charm for me... also, i had one month (5th i think) where all i wanted was OJ and I gained 10 lbs in one month.. thanks to all that sugar from OJ.. I drank 3 bottles a day.. anyways, congrats, do u know if u r having a boy/girl? mine is a first & it's a boy..


mommybabyboy21 - February 23

I am having a boy...he is my first. I am 6'2" and the father of the baby is 6'4". When I was born i was 11 pounds and 24 inches long and the father of the baby was 10 pounds and a few onces I forget what he said he was when we were still talking. and at my 18 week ultrasound the dr said my sons legs where already long just like mine. I have 36 1/2 inseam :-) so I am expecting him to be long and I still plan on having him natural crazy I know but my mom had me complete natural and she is my coach and thinks I can do it. :-) Sometimes I wish I was at the end of my thrid trimester instead of the end of my second...but I still have much to do... thanks everyone for answering :-)


ShaunaLeigh - February 24

im due in 9 days & so far ive gained 32 pounds :O i went from 120 to 152... OUCH eh... & im ALL belly... everything else about me is small :S haha... but i dont think u have much to worry about, ur weight gain slows down towards the end EVEN tho... at my last appt i gained 2 pounds in ONE WEEK... ha


missycc4 - February 24

I'm 40 weeks today and I was 120lbs be4 pregnancy and I'm 5'4. I've gained about 55 to 60 lbs and the weight on my back is something. The father is 6'4 and 250lbs I don't want to gain anymore and my Dr doesn't seem to worry to much about it. I don't eat a lot but the weight seems to come on. I gained a 1lb and 1/2 in 4 days. 11 lbs in 2 weeks but I'm holding water right now to.



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