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Carly67 - February 24

Okay I am 34 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and it is a boy. My other children are dd 19, ds 17, and ds 14. When I was having my other boys there was not the controversy over circ_msicion that I have seen now. I did not circ_mcise my first two sons and they never encountered any problems. My ex husband was not circ_mcised and the pediatrician told me to do what the father was, my decision was based partly on that but as I read about the trauma I could not do that. So with my second husband who is circ_mcised he wanted the baby circ_mcised but then did some weI research it the more I don't think we can do it. I cannot believe what a controversy it is now with people calling it genital mutilation etc. The problem is when we told the OB he is really hounding us to do it, to the point we are feeling pressured and will not tell him we are not doing it until the baby is born to avoid his pressure on us. So just wondering if any of you are struggling with this decision as well. Thanks for your input.


crystal74 - February 24

nope, we're circ_mcising. no question there. i have family that is uncirc_mcised and they tell me how much of a pain it is to have to take care of it constantly and if you don't, the risk of infections. and my father in law wished his mother would have so at 45 got his circ_msized. and plus how much prettier it looks than a little ant eater p___s. just my opinion.


Lala - February 24

My ds in now 5 weeks old, and I am glad we didn't circ_msize. Less and less are having it done, and I believe that by the time ds is in school, it won't be unusual at all. I think at least 50% won't be. My pediatrician agrees with me and thinks it's good that we didn't do it.


Tammy276 - February 24

I think it is your personal decision. We got out son circ_msised because that is what we wanted to do. I would say if your other sons don't have it done, and you don't want to get it done with this one, then don't. Personally, if we would ever have another boy, I would get it done again. #1, I think it is cleaner and there is less risk of infection and #2 I don't want my son asking "how come mine looks different than daddy's" because my dh is circ_msised. So it really is a personal decision. Just like b___stfeeding. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something that you don't want to do.


DownbutnotOUT - February 24

For me I got my 1st son done and he needs to be redone, he is 5 years old, apparently there is 2 techniques that are sued and one leasve some foreskin behind; the uroligist says he has about 25% skin left behind. My second son wasent done and he might need to be done he is 3 1/2 years old. I am expecting another boy and it is definatly a topic widely spoken about in our house but we think we are going to get him done. Also about the why does daddies peepee look different my 3 1/2 honestly doesnt notice and my 5 year old doesnt notice either. I just had some bad luck but if I could do it over i wouldnt have got my older son done.


ashleyb0827 - February 24

i think the most important thing to consider is whether the baby's dad & siblings are circ_msized ... when he's growing up & he sees that his dad isn't circ_msized & he is ... he's going to notice that there is a difference ....


Taylors mama - February 24

Hi there! I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second child, a boy also, and I am also planning on having him circ_mcised. I think that nowadays though its an extremely personal and private decision, and that only you know what is best for your child(ren)!! No practicioner or anybody else can make the decision for you! I was shocked also at the amount of controversy surrounding circ_mcision though! I struggled with it for a while as well, but I just felt it was better for me to have it done. Good luck!!!


Lala - February 24

I have a question: why does everyone think that a little boy will notice a differance from daddy? Will all the differances between a little boy's p___s and a grown man's p___s, do you really think it's the foreskin that will be noticed by a little boy? I don't think so. Little boys always look much different than dad. Circ_mcising or not doesn't change that!


Tammy276 - February 24

actually lala, yes, little boys growing up DO notice that their peepee is different looking from daddy's. There is a big difference in the way a circ_m. or non-circ_m. p___s looks.....boys do notice....


danimarie - February 25

I'm not having a boy, but if I were I would get him circ_mcised. The reasons I would is #1. My husband is. #2. A girl I work with used to work in a urologist's office and she said that there were SEVERAL people who came in for infections and/or were getting circ_mcised as adults- some had chronic infection problems. So since she told me about that and I found out that the risk of infection is really real, it made my decision easier. BUT with all that said, I DO think that it is YOUR decision and that either way can be totally FINE! So anyway- that's my input.


aaaaaaaaaa - February 25

I'm having a boy and DEFINATELY having him circ_mcised. His daddy had to have his done when he was like 12 or 13 due to some problems, and said it was the worst experience of his life, so he doesnt want his son to have to ever remember getting it done. He said all he remembers about being a little kid was constant problems with his p___s (before he had it done) soo... no two ways about it for us!


dot - February 26

total opps issue her girls! my son is not circ. and his skin doesn't pull back the docs says it can take up to 2 years if it doesnt retract he needs an op... I hope not anyone had this problem??


chriss - February 26

Hey, I am not sure what I am having yet, I am 38 wks. If we do have a boy, it wont' be circ_msized. I think this is a very personal decision that you and your dh should make. I'm not so sure it is a great idea to have it done. My husband isn't circ_msized and he has never had a problem or any infection. If little boys are taught properly how to clean themselves than it won't be an issue. I do feel it is a type of mulilation that years ago for whatever reason (the church of mis-information) people were led to believe that this had to be done! That's just my opinion.


Carly67 - February 26

Dot, The foreskin is not supposed to be retracting this young and may not for a few years. Look up some circ info on the web from some reputable sites about the intact p___s and that should give you some relief. Both of my older boys 14 and 17 are intact.


conniebearzy - February 26

Does anyone know why they even started circ_mcising? They started circ_mcising because they thought it would eliminate the amount of boys that m_________ed. No i'm not kidding. I was reading about it in my docs office at a checkup a few weeks back. Anyway there is no link to infection because of not circ_mcising. It naturally cleans itself like an eyelid. The reason most insurance companies dont cover it is because its not medically necessary. Not sure yet if we'll circ_mcise. We might just so my little guy isnt looked at like an alien when he gets a girlfriend or what not.


Jadejewels - February 26

Circ_msicion isn't as common as it was a few years ago. I'm having a boy and will be getting him circ_mcised but only because my first son is and I don't want this boy to feel different from his dad and brother. I regret doing it with my first but only did it because his father was hounding me to. We stayed with my son while he had it done and whoever said it's not so painful for them and that they don't even know whats happening is insane. No person and surely no newborn should ever feel the pain I saw in my childs eyes. It's bothering me so much that I have to put my little baby through that again :( As far as people believing that it's a matter of keeping a p___s more clean : We teach our girls to clean themselves the correct way, Why not our boys?


nanders - February 26

If I have a boy I will have him cirumcised. When I was about 8-9 my friend's little brother was 3 at the time and he devoloped an infection even though they were very meticulous about cleaning etc.. He had to be circ_mcised, and I just remember this little boy walking around without any pants on crying and in sooo much pain for like weeks! I'm sure it seems longer than it actually was but I still remember it and it breaks my heart!! I won't be able to be ther when it's being done, but I would rather have a surgeon than someone in my home do it like a rabbi (i'm not jewish) though! And dh is, and he doesn't remember it at all! So I think we will get it done right away and hope the baby does okay, I must say it is heartwrenching to think about it and my new baby!! But I refuse to have something go wrong and have to do it later!!



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