For Those Of You Who Are 31 Weeks

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krc - June 7

Im curious to know what yall are going thru. I will start. I've had a great morning sickness or complications or alarming discomfort. I've gained only 20 lbs weighing in at 151 and im 5-7. My sleep sucks of course. I go thru phases of total tossing and turning watching the time go by at night to a good solid sleep but still feeling sleep deprived. I hate going pee because it seems like trying to go with a bowling ball in my lap , LOL and when I feel like my bladder is gonna burst it seems to only trickle out ! I hate that ! I feel like im starting to have the waddle walk. And these past few days I feel like my belly is a helium baloon ready to burst ! He always has his back against my belly and it feels like he is trying to push himself straight thru my belly !! Very odd feeling. Heartburn isn't bad but is constant. Oh breathing has become shorter, it feels as if my uterus is slightly pushing my ribs outward. Im still working full time in retail so Im on my feet all day. Sometimes my tail bone hurts but otherwise I have no back pain. That is pretty much where I stand at this point. Nothing worth complaining about and im not miserable but women keep telling me the discomfort is just beginning and I can expect more. this is my 1st child also. But I would love to hear a summary of how you other mothers are feeling !!!!!


Shannah - June 7

I am 31 weeks and having a boy, this is our first child. I've had an overall good pregnancy as well. I did have really bad morning sickness but that is a distant memory. I have gained 26 lbs so far, 5'10" so not too bad. I have to go to the bathroom all the time and I hate when I sneeze, cough or laugh really hard. I have had a pain under my ribs on the right side mainly, since about 18 weeks and it kills! I guess it isn't going away, just kind of gotten used to it. Sleeping is fine, I wake up every time I try to roll over. I have a pinched nerve or something in my back that is picking up lately when I walk, I am a__suming it is only going to get worse. I just finshed painting the nursery and waiting for the furniture to be delivered which should be sometime this month. My first baby shower is this saturday and I have another one in a couple of weeks. I enjoy chatting with everyone, so if anyone wants to chat look for me!


3babies - June 7

Hi krc, I'm 32 weeks with my third and overall feeling pretty good. I can relate to the whole bladder thing. I have to say that I am having less discomfort with this pregnancy than my other two. This baby feels lower and maybe smaller. I just dont feel as stretched as in my other pregnancies ... then again everything is probably already stretched :>) I was having bad pubic symphysis pain, but it has settled down a lot since I have stopped walking for exercise ... or should that be waddling? I still find it hard to work out what position the baby is in. And unfortunately it is true, that the discomfort seems to get worse in the end. I remember feeling like I didnt have a spare centimetre left at 38 weeks with my son. He was 7lb 2oz. I am determined to enjoy it all this time though because it will be my last pregnancy ... then again you have me on a good day!


EricaG - June 8

I'm 31 weeks with my first baby and this is the best I have felt through my entire pregnancy! Some problems I'm having right now are constipation, backache, more frequent headaches, and nosebleeds. I do have to pee a lot but it doesn't bother me at all, I just get up and go,lol. i have to get up around 4 times at night but I have no problems falling asleep again. I'm getting the best sleep of my life now that I'm pregnant, lol. I'm still down around 13 lbs from prepregnancy weight, but it's because of the low fat diet for my gallbladder. Anyway, considering the circ_mstances I'm feeling really good. (except for the stretchmarks, those make me mad, lol) Good luck ladies :o)


Evonna - June 8

I am 31 weeks & 5 days pregnant with my first baby girl. I also havn't experienced too much discomfort, edema, swollen hands & face, back pains, cramps nor nausea. I've have gained 23 lbs weighing at 147 lbs @ 5'4. My sleeping has gotten way better and i am able to sleep longer. I drink lots of liquids everyday therefore i barely ever have constipation. I also have the waddle walk, lol. My baby sits directly on my belly b___ton area which i am starting to see very mild shiny stretch marks only around that area as well. Very less visible, but i can see them at a certain angle in bright light. Other than that, everything is going well with my pregnancy.


iakram - June 8

Hi Krc - glad you posted this !!! I'm 32 weeks and for the last week or so I think this preg is hitting me. I did have problems at the start MS then diagnosed with a low lying placenta [which i found out on Tuesday corrected on it's own hooray!!!] but now i feel the belly has exploded i get tired rather quickly, my feet are swelling i think so is my's a bit puffy. sleeping isn't all that bad...once i'm out i'm gone until i have to pee and that's once or twice. i find myself waddling a bit...but that's because of the nerve [siactic] that has bothered me during this preg as well as the previous one. heartburn was pretty bad at about 5 months but now it seems okay. i hear you i'm not complaining either - but it's good to compare notes! this time around i think this baby is moving way tooo much and he/she is pretty aggresive. in my u/s i was told that baby''s head is already down...has anyone been told that? i thought it was a bit early. and i know the back is facing me belly so i guess that's why the movements are so hard and frequent. what else....oh yeah breathing...i tend to find myself taking deep breaths and exhaling loudly hee hee....i'm going to see how much weight i put on in the last two weeks. i have the 2 week apts now. keep in touch ladies!!!


Been There - June 8

I'm 31 weeks and sleeping on my sides still causes some hip pain, but not as bad or lingering in the morning as it used to be. I constantly switch sides which can be aggravating because of the carpal tunnel in my left hand. Lying on my left side is painful since it's hard to relax my arm, even with the brace on. The brace has cut down on the pain at night. My tolerance for getting through the day is shorter. I find myself leaning so far back in my chair sometimes, I look like I'm sliding down. I had to leave 30 minutes early today because my lower back just couldn't take it. I do walk around sometimes, but then I waddle and get tired. I go to the bathroom 5-7 times a night. Fortunately I can go right back to sleep each time. I think my son knows I'm typing about discomfort because he all of the sudden decided to add to it by stretching as far as he can. OUCH!


iakram - June 9

Hi Ladies, well yesteday i had my 32 week apt and some good news. the placenta has indeed corrected itself. the baby weights 3 pounds and i've gained within two weeks 8 pounds! i'm at 128 lbs now...started the preg out at 109lbs. but 8 pounds in 2 weeks! yikes....i think i've caught a cold due to the fluctuating weather here in toronto! anyhow take care


Kspa - June 9

I am almost 32 weeks. My starting/current weight 130/150. I have very similar complaints but I sleep very well (at least every other night). Morning sickness was awful and I starting feeling sick recently again but not as bad. I am having intestinal issues now but no constipation. Lots of cramping, stomach aches and acid reflux. Rib pain is really bad and I am very short of breath. Baby was over 4 lbs at 30 weeks and fundal height was 34 cent. He's a big boy. Suprisingly I don't have swelling yet.


krc - June 9

hello ladies. I had a doc appt today and they forgot to pull my file so I sat in the waiting area 1 hour and 10 minutes before I finally got up and rudely asked what the hell was going on. Everyone had been seen and everyone who came thru the doors was called before me so I was pretty p__sed and I had to pee. Well they told me they forgot to pull out my file !!!!!!!!!! I could've ripped that girls head off and then I felt like I wanted to cry !!LOL Well I noticed this morning my feet and ankles are a little swollen but I guess thats normal. Doc thinks my baby finally turned , ( he was head up most of the pregnancy ). For 2 days he felt like he was sideways and then suddenly I had all this pressure above my pubic bone whereas it used to be right under my b___bs. I am a little more uncomfortable now. I left work early yesterday because I couldn't mentally tolerate it. I work in retail for Dillards full tim still. I was oping to work till the last minute but I think I may go to part time. I too catch myself making noises when I have to get up or bend over, sometimes it makes me laugh. Getting in and out of my car is getting to be a chore!! My sleep still sucks of course. I pee about 4-8 times a night. Otherwise thats all. I loked on the calendar and im 32 weeks and 3 days.


Been There - June 9

Kspa, we are both having big boys. My son measured at 33 weeks at my 30 week u/s. They told me he weighed 4 lbs, but my fundal height at 31 weeks is 32 centimeters. I swear I've run out of room, yet I know I have about 5 more centimeters to go before he's done growing.



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