For Those Of You Who Had Portraits Done

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margie - November 30

I am not nearly in my most attractive stage of pregnancy i realize, but i really want to capture this time in my life because i have virtually NO pictures of me boyfriend is one of those wierdo "me me me" picture people where he'd rather stand there and hold his camera out to take a picture of himself (um...for myspace of course...which is the root of all evil in our relationship but anyways...) than to take a picture of me and normally I am fine with that but it makes me sad that I dont have pictures of this important time. So I was thinking of getting some pictures done this weekend, but I have to do it cheap unfortunately....i have never done the walmart pictures but they have a deal where its 6.99 for 30 pictures, the thing is that does that mean it is just the first picture they take? and then if you want other poses then you have to pay extra? is it still cheap anyways? i just really want this done and i am running out of time! anyone know of other nationwide studios that are better?


wantanotheraftertr - November 30

walmart is not bad at all I think they take 2 poses then you pick. I would make sure that you poses the way you want first. The others are extra I can remember how much though. I have also doen sears. We have a new place here that I hear is nice and cheap as well I don't know the name though. I was thinking of trying them for DS after he gets her. Good luck!


Ashley86 - November 30

Walmart is not bad. Their only scheme is as a girl you always fall in lovewith the other poses because they take about 6 but only the first one is in the deal. The other 5 or whtever are different and you can't have them just use one of them as the 6.99 deal thingy. My recommendation, do the 6.99 and then get the computer disc for i believe 12.95 and you can email them and upload em to MySpace is what I do since I'm a MySpace addict and mostrich of my family has MySpace. Also you can print some off but not from the photo machines that like WalMart has becausethe pics are trademarked.


margie - November 30

Thanks! Ashley, that disc sounds like a good deal, my sister has a great printer and I can always buy photo paper when I get the money if I like the other poses better and I will be sending some online too...yay! I just called and made my appointment for Sunday since my baby shower is that day too I'll already be having to be dressed nice with makeup and stuff, I kinda like that I'm getting them done when I am so huge, it will make it even more of a funny/special/cute memory...I can see Anjelica later laughing at how big her mommy was when she was inside of her.


Happymommy - November 30

JC Penney is also nice, a little more expensive but you can pick from whatever poses you want. I have also found the pictures to be a lot nicer than the ones I got at Wal-Mart. You can also join the portrait club--I think for 20 or 30 dollars a year, and then you don't pay any sitting fees for anyone in your family. And there are always promotions for cheap sheets, and $10 portrait packages. It is also nice for when you start taking pictures of your lo.


margie - November 30

I definetely think I'll want somewhere a little nicer when I start to get pics with my LO, that portrait club sounds like a good deal because i know that i'll want to get pictures of her ALL the time, I really like when you see the pictures of babies as they change in life, its so sweet...thanks, I'll check them out too!


cfuller - December 1

I am so glad you brought this up! I realize that not many people on thisforum are from Washington State, but my husband is a photographer here and he knows goodphotographers from all over the world! So if any of you are interested in having your pictures taken while you have a nice round belly and/or baby pictures after your lo is born than let me know, I can hook you up! All i need is to know where you are from and I can give you names and numbers/websites of photographers close to you and that way you can have awesome pictures and save these memories! Let me know if any of you are interested!



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