For Those Of You Who Ve Been Checked

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cattac - February 19

OK, next week I will be checked internally to see if my body's made any "progress". Third pregnancy but first girl...with my first two pregnancies I started off dilated to 2 and thinned and soft and that was around weeks 35/36. I'd had some discharge which I think was mucous plug several weeks before being checked. This I have had NO discharge like that and have a feeling I'm just shut up drum tight down there. My question is...FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO'VE BEEN CHECKED ALREADY AND HAVE MADE PROGRESS (I.E. DILATED)...DID YOU HAVE DISCHARGE PRIOR OR DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DILATED OR WAS IT A PLEASANT SURPRISE WHEN THE DR TOLD YOU YOU'D "MADE PROGRESS"? Just wondering...


fefer1 - February 19

well, with my dd I was suprised when the doc said I was dilated to 2..stayed that way till delivery. Lost the MP about 2 weeks before she was born...but nothing changed. I had a friend with no dilation and no discharge out of the ordinary and then one night,bam, her water broke and she had her baby 7 hrs later. If this is your 3rd, I'm sure it can happen pretty quickly..


corbin289 - February 20

This is my third also and I was checked last week at 36 weeks and she said I was thinned and very soft. I havent had much discharge and with my fist two I never noticed loosing my MP. I was two weeks late with my first two so I'm just praying this one will be early. My midwife keeps telling me the third on is unpredictable. I have an appt. tomorrow but I'm not sure if they will check me.


cattac - February 25

Well I was checked today ! I guess every pregnancy really is different. I felt like my last two were pretty similar toward the end with regards to aches, pains, discharge, etc and this one's been completely different. No discharge but I am having BH and have had achy cramping down below. Today i'm 35 w 1 d and am 1+ cm, 60% effaced, very soft, baby's low (dont know what station) so I'm happy. I thought I was going to be shut up tight! It's good to know I'm 1 closer to 10!


Nemo - February 25

Hi. I gave birth last week after 6hr 20mins of established labour. I had absolutely no loss of mucous plug until about 5 hours before my baby was born. At the point I lost the plug the nurse discovered I was 5cm which was a pleasant surprise to me. In the hours leading up to the start of established labour I had very few signs... looking back the only clue was slightly stronger and more regular feeling of pressure in the pelvis - although I didnt think ths was a sign.


cayingo - February 26

I am curently 38 weeks (next appt to check for more prgress is tomorrow) and was dilated to 3cm at 37 weeks. I had no discharge prior to my checks. I did afterward (along w/ spotting, but that's b/c my OB "stirred" things up).



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