For Those That Have Gotten Induced

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evae777 - January 9

my doc thinks i will go past my due date, jan. 12th & depending on the nst test i take next week they will determine if i need to get induced. for those that have been induced, did you have to have a c-section or were you able to deliver naturally? i'm afraid that either way i will have to have a c-section (since he is full term & may be big), which i heard will cost alot of money even after health insurance coverage along with being super scary! any comments...


izechsmama - January 9

evae.. i was induced with my son.. and had a normal v____al delivery with no complications... induction doesnt mean C-section necessarily.. if hes too big then that might be a problem.. however... i wouldnt worry too much yet... they just had me come in, started pitocin and then the contractions started and i started labor... 11 hours later my son was born... try not to worry.. he may still come on his own!


Tan - January 9

hi. I was also induced. On dec 3rd, 2007, they had me come in at night, gave me a cytotek pill, and then another one in the night, and at 5 am in the morn i was started on pitocin.. everything went smoothly, my dr broke my water at 2 30, i had him at 4 30... (started pushing at 4pm, took 30 min!) he was 9lbs and 20 in! good luck!


evae777 - January 9

are the contractions stronger and labor tougher if getting induced? I've read that it makes labor much more painful and the contractions hit you all at once instead of gradually. what was you experiences with pain, etc? And TAN, since your sonce was 9 lbs 20 in. did you experience a lot of tear and st_tches? I am really little and my baby may be big so I am just scared to death all the way around!!


lucienne78 - January 9

I was induced with my dd and I had a wonderful experience. They started the pitocin at 10 AM and I had her 3 hours and 49 minutes v____ally. I can't tell you if the pain is worse, because that was my first. I am now almost 32 weeks pregnant and I already told my doctor that I want to be induced this time, too. As for tearing, my dd was 6 pounds 4 ounces and I ended up with a 3rd degree tear which was horrible. I think I had about 40 st_tches. My last push was way too hard and she came flying out. This time, I'll definitely try to have more control and push a little easier. To be honest, getting st_tched up was more painful then the labor.


Tan - January 9

evae-with induction they give you pitocin, the more they give, the stronger contractions youre gonna have, and i think they gave me a huge dose and i had pretty strong ones back to back..they lowered the dose and they slowed down.. i also took epidural.. which did miracles for me! i even fell asleep.. the neg thing about it was that it numbed me totally, from waist down.. and it was almost impossible to push.. but amazingly it took me 30 min.. my doc thought that i was gonna tear so she did an episiotomy, and she st_tched me up pretty nice, everything healed nicely too..


mjvdec01 - January 9

I was induced with my daughter and it was great. I got my epidural at 4cm and was able to have a v____al delivery. Not scary at all. 11 and a half hours and she was here. 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches.


HeavenisMine - January 9

I was induced with my daughter, one week late, and I delivered naturally, no complications. I did my best to stay positive and never allow myself to lose control, and just focus, I was determined to get that girl out, and I did within fifteen minutes of pushing. I was in labor for only 7 and a half hours. Keep your head up and focus on the finish line, you'll be glad you did! Best wishes!!


tish212 - January 10

I was induced due to preeclampsia we started with 2 12hr doses of cervidil (which caused contractions to begin) but my cervix didn't drop or open so after 36 hours of "labor" my dr opted for a csection b/c nothing was first I freaked out... I was crying my eyes out in the operating room b/c I was paniced... but my little girl joined the world 10 minutes later and was perfect. it hurt yes.... but it only took me a week to feel better... my hospital required once uve had one csection all subsequent pregnancies are delievered the same...and honestly I am glad b/c it was so quick and though I was in pain for the first week it just got so much better after a week! the incision is only 4 inches long and honeslty now (3 weeks later) u can only see the scar at the very ends they also gave me the pitocen after delievery to start my uterus to contract back into place. I'm not saying ur gaurenteed a csection I just noticed no one else had explained how it is to have one. I personally am happy that I had my csection b/c after being in labor with painful contraction for so long I was ready to be done! gl


melissap - January 10

I was induced with my last and it was no worse than going into labor naturally. If they start you off on a small dose and then keep increasing it sort of mimics labor. I was in labour for 5 hours this time and I had a 9lb 4oz baby. This is #3 and 1st was over 9lbs, 2nd was only 7lbs 14oz and they all hurt the same. Good luck and I hope you go into labor soon



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