For Those Who Have Had Over 8 5lb Babies

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Jenn2 - May 23

I was just wondering if you had any clue or indication that you were having a whopper before actually pushing the baby out? I have not had an ultrasound since 20 weeks, and my doc has not done any type of tests on me to determine how big my baby is. My stomach is measuring normal, but I know that means absolutely nothing b/c I just had a friend deliver a 9 pound 1 oz baby and she measured normal up until she delivered. She was a little shocked. anyway, I am 38 weeks, and feeling very heavy in the middle, but I'm sure every pregnant woman says that even if you end up with a small or average size baby. any info would be thankful


Roary - May 23

This might not be terribly informative, but my mother was huge with me, I was VERY low through out the pregnancy and when I was born I weighed almost 10 lbs. I have been carrying my baby very low the entire pregnancy and everytime the doctors check me they tell me baby is very big. It will be interesting to see if they are right.


HopeG - May 23

I had a 10 lb baby! I measured a week and half bigger my whole pregnancy but we still didn't think he was that big. Good Luck!


3babies - May 23

Hi Jenn, I havent had a big baby, but my girlfriend got sent for an ultrasound a couple of weeks before her due date because she was measuring small ( I should add she is quite tall and slim), but when she had the baby it was over 9lb. Also I think the ultrasound only predicted 7 1/2lb. I looked normal size with my son at 35 weeks and felt quite big, but the doctor could tell by feeling the baby that he was small. He was only 4 1/2lb ... I think it really depends on your doctor as well. He was always pretty spot on with predicting baby size.


ashley - May 23

well how big were you when you were born? How big were the babies your mom had? My moms babys went 7lbs, 6 lbs and 5lbs (that was me at 5 lbs 1/2) I then went and had a 5 lb 12 oz baby full term. In fact I asked my doctor about baby weights and she said it depends on how much sugar you eat at the end of the pregnancy when the baby gains most of its weight, how much weight you gain and the quality of food, etc. I am 31 weeks pregnant and I measured at 33 weeks today. But she did say that he doesn't look like he's a big baby. so I don't know. I have gained 33 lbs so far too! YIKES. I am paranoid of having a big baby.


lindsay - May 23

with my son, i was told he would be an 8 pounder... he was 9 lb 4 oz.. my whole family was shocked!! i'm 38 weeks now and my u/s 2 days ago said she was 6 lb 5 oz... so we shall see!!


mishy - May 23

My son was 8lb10ou. An ob who felt my tummy the week before said he thought about 81/2 so he wasn't far off. But I don't think size matters so much as the size of your pelvis versus the size of baby's head when it comes to the difficulty of labour.. so don't stress ladies.. I have heard the bigger ones sleep better so its all good.


Cabbie - May 24

My first was 7lbs 6oz. My second was 8lbs 14oz. The dr had no idea she was that big. He even guessed 7lbs 12ozs when he delivered. Luckily for me, I was a repeat section as my first was breach. This one according to late ultrasound measurements and dr guess (different dr) is as big or bigger than #2. Thank God at this point for my sections! The general rule according to my dr is once you have a big baby they usually just get bigger (unless a reason was found like GD, etc), BUT I have talked with many women who this has not been true for.


Cabbie - May 24

I thought I'd add that I gained almost 60 pounds with my first (didn't really watch what I ate, etc) with my second I watched what I ate and kept active and only gained 25lbs.


Heather W - May 24

I had my 1st weighing in at 2nd at 7lbs 7 oz..and my 3rd 8 lbs 12 oz...but I think that I was bigger with my 3rd than this one, since I have had low amniotic fluid levels for the last month or more. Because my stomach hasn't even grown the last few weeks. But us show that it is growing a that is.My last us said 6lbs 1 oz..that wsa at 36 1/2 weeks.


Jenn - May 24

Hi Jenn2! With my first-my doc said that my son would be about 7-8 pounds-he was almost 10 and with this one they said 7-8 but probably closer to 9. I had a section with my first and am having a repeat next week.


Nerdy Girl - May 24

My first baby was 10 lbs, born at 40 weeks, and my second baby was 9 lbs, born at 38 weeks. They never did any ultrasounds beyond 20 weeks to check for size.


Nerdy Girl - May 24

I submitted this before I finished. My first baby was a c-section because she was breech and would not turn. Because she was so big, they told me that I was not a good candidate for a VBAC with my son. I had a c-section scheduled with him for 39+ weeks, but my water broke at 38 weeks, so they just delivered him then. It was a good thing that I opted not to try to VBAC because my son was born with virtually no soft spot on his head. The docs told me that he probably would not have gotten out v____ally. But big babies are a good thing. They seem a lot less fragile. My daughter was a good sleeper right from the get-go. My son is 6 months old now and is still waking up 1x per night several times per week. He is ENORMOUS now (about 24 lbs), so I am not so sure about the big babies sleeping through the night theory.


Tiarali - May 28

All my bubs (2) have been over 8 pds. Everyone was shocked, cause I'm a tiny person in real life. I had no real indication that they were going to be big. To tell the truth, I don't think it really makes a big difference to the labour, unless you have a small pelvis. Especially if you are doing well with your pelvic floor exercises, which will help reduce the risk of tearing.


Jenn2 - May 29

thanks ladies! I am starting to think too that the size of the baby does not matter (in terms of how the labor will play out). I have talked with so many people who had "large" babies, and most of them had easy/normal labors. In fact, most of the women I know who have had 9 or 10 pounders are actually small women, so I guess there is really no science behind it. Its strange how all that works.


flower.momma - May 29

I knew in my heart that my girl was gonna be huge, but the midwife kept saying, oh she'll probably be about 7 lbs. Not so! She came out at a hefty 9 lbs. 8 oz. I am only 5'2", but my hubby is 6'4". The labor was not too bad, but I could just tell by feeling her. At the end I could feel where her b___t, elbows, knees and feet were, and could tell that there was a big distance between all of those parts.


mama3 - May 29

I had no ieda she was going to be 8.5..My one mid-wife said about 1 month before I had her she thought she may be big but then changed what she said cause she felt alot of water inside. So my mid-wife who delivered didnt cut me cause she didnt even think she would be that big. I only gained 27 lbs during my whole PG. Surprising I was all baby. My other 2 I gained 50+ lbs and they were only 6.14 lbs. Dont know if that mattered or not. Nice thing is My new baby is 3 weeks old and I have lost of of my PG wieght and then some. Which I think is very cool. GL best wishes to you.



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