Forgetfulness Is Scaring Me

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D~ - November 23

Ok, I'm usually not this forgetful nor repet_tive, but lately I swear I have alzeimers I work in a medical office and we have to pull charts for the day before, and I completely forgot that I pulled this patients chart and it was pulled like 5 min before that....duh! I constantly find myself repeating things that I already told someone like a week ago, WHAT?! Is anyone else going through this too?? I feel like I'm losing my I want my brain back......hehe.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

Not to scare you, but it gets worse after the baby is born! LOL! I am lucky I know my own name! It's normal. It will get better eventually, but mommy brain is worse than pregnancy brain, at least for me. He is 3 months old and not sure how soon it will get better, but I know it will. Good luck! See, I'm rambling!


shelly - November 23

I forget stuff all the time too. It's scary for me because I'm a waitress and forgetting things customers ask for is not good!!


D~ - November 23

Well, that's good to know that it's normal anyway. I've heard about pregnancy brain, but not sure what the cause is? Does anybody know why you become so forgetful during pregnancy??


jb - November 23

I know how you feel, today when I went to pick up lunch the total was $6.74. I gave the guy a five and just sat there. He finally told me "thats not enough". I gave him another dollar. He laughed and said "your getting closer but I still need 74 cents." I was so embara__sed!!!! I dont know what I was thinking!


D~ - November 23

jb, that is too I love it, well, at least were not alone, huh?


kad - November 25

did u know that during pregnancy our brain shrinks and takes up to two year to grow back to its normal state, thats why we get so forgetful, and some of us even notice speech diffeculties such as get words mixed up or forgeting what we were gonna say and so on. just thought id share that with you all.......... by the way the effects of pregnancy on the brain are reversed much quicker if u b___st feed baby after bith...good luck to all of you and i hope we all grow are brains back soon lol


D~ - November 25

Kad, that's interesting information......where did you find this?


bump - November 26



Stephanie - November 26

I know what you mean. This afternoon I was starting a new pattern (knitting) and totally forgot how to cast on. Drew a complete blank. Came back to me, but still.


E - November 26

I thought that in the last trimester the baby's brain is growing so therefore we have none's as if the baby sucks the life out of us......


Lesley - November 26

The only time I was really forgetfull was when I had just give birth. It was so bad I had to think for ages on how to put a sentance together LOL!!! Also the midwife in the hospital was telling me to keep a check of what times I was feeding little man and how long he was feeding for. I did try but by the time she came in to ask I had completly forgot :-( So she give me a pen to write it all down, only I forgot where she said she put it..... I was like that for a couple of days. Not now, and baby is 19 days old.



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