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?? - August 12

I have been reading the questions and answers on this forum since my first trimester. Since I have begun looking at the questions posted in this trimester, i feel gloomy. I read some difficult questions women are asking, and some pretty hateful responses. I am 26 weeks and have terrible back pain so I pop on the computer to ease the tension in my back. Now, I am almost afraid to click on a question. I sure hope this doesn't offend anyone, it's just that i used to really enjoy reading all questions and answers. Hope this doesn't get me in trouble but could it be that a lot of us are in this last trimester and are getting irritated a lot easier?


Shannon - August 12

I agree with you until recently I just read the stuff on here never really commented on much. Some of the responses ot others are so hateful. I read questions about things i may not agree with but I don't believe it is anyones place to judge anyone here. This should be a place we can vent good or bad without the verbal abuse


Staci - August 12

Fundamentally, I agree with you. But realistically, I think internet is bound to cause controversy, its hard to do the "Cant we all just get along" theory when theres so many hundreds of personalities from all over the world responding to issues, especially in this case where we are all hormonal women! :) Youre right, people shouldnt be judgemental on this kind of site, we all need support! That said, the only "uppity" thread Ive seen is the Medicaid one about lying about dads name, I dont see a lot of attacking on here, considering.. What does bug me is all the FAKE posts, that drives me nuts. ("Hi I am 12 and may be pregnant" , and bumping of year old threads with nonsense....) I have no patience nowadays for idiots who come on here to waste peoples time. :)


b20 - August 13

i agree with Staci few ppls ask silly questions like she mentioned.. some one asked "i'm 15 and feel pain while i have s_x could i be pregnant?" why don't she do a home pregnancy test to find out that?? some times i just feel shame on these kinds of questions?


Shannon - August 13

You are both right there are plenty of ignorant questions on here. Like i bumped my belly is my baby ok? The time that girl took to log on here and type that she could've called her Dr already and got and answer. And I don't know about you but I don't have any special telepathic powers to answer a question like that. Makes you wonder if they are fake or are people that retarded?


See - August 14

Shannon that retarded comment was kinda hateful too. See, that's how easy it is to sound hateful on here and not really mean to. I know some do it on purpose but some just dont even realize at all.


To Shannon - August 14

Try using other ways of expressing yourself. "Retarded" is a hurtful mean word!


twist - August 15

I agree that people can be so harsh and judgemental, to the point of being abusive. I think it is because the internet (and this forum site in particular, because you don't have to log on or give your details or anything to post) is so anonymous. People who wouldn't even consider saying the nasty things they say on here to someones' face see an opportunity take out some of their frustrations on some poor woman (or man) who just happens to ask a question that touches a raw nerve. It is immature and cowardly, but the upside is that at least no physical violence will result, although I have seen some really hurtful, uncalled for comments that would be emotionally damaging to an already upset person. I try to ignore most of those remarks, and get the most I can from the helpful, friendly people on the site. The other kind usually get their kicks from causing a reaction, so I refuse to give them the satisfaction.


C - August 15

People come from different environs and therefore express themselves in different and diverse ways which may offend others even when, for the sake of argument and benefit of the doubt, it wasn't meant to be. In any forum, there will always be a possibility of being misconstrued, misunderstood, or even attacked/harra__sed-- even for just the heck of it. We must accept that in the tech world out there, we are more prone to other people's ideas, beliefs, principles or lack thereof -- and although we cannot change the whole world to mirror our own understanding and moral att_tudes-- we just have to accept not everyone knows where we are all coming from. Alas, we have to accept our diversity and sift the ones that provoke our sanity :) and move on. Nothing personal, I say.


Kel - August 15

GREAT post C! It was so perfectly on point.



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