Freaking Out

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jewls - August 16

I'm totally freaking out because lastnight I noticed a painful spot on the side of my va___a and then this morning it seemed to get a bit bigger and it looks like a blister. I asked my hubby to look at it for me and he too said it looked like a blister and was a bit swollen. Could I have genital herpes? If so, HOW on earth did I get this? I asked my hubby if it was possible that he had them and didn't tell me or has them and doesn't know, but he said there was no way and that he would tell me if he did. I tried to think back to when the last time I had a cold sore, wondering if I accidently transfered the infection, but I can't remember the lastnight i had a cold sore it was that long ago. I asked my hubby the same question and he too hasn't had one in a long time. I would know as well, becuase I would have seen it. I'm SO scared that it's herpes, I'm 1 week away from my due date. I know I should see my dr about this, but I'm a bit embarrassed because I don't even know how I got this or if it was possible that maybe I was infected a long time ago but just didn't know? This is really horrible, I'm stressing out big time.


jp - August 16

I freak out like this also. I always think that something is wrong down there. Does it tingle like a cold sore? I have had some sores down there but they go away quickly. Where is it? Could it be an ingrown hair? I get really sweaty down there and I think that may cause some discomfort. I think if it was herpes it would be worse. I would call your dr. and ask so that if it is herpes, they can give you Valtrex to help it go away faster. Keep us posted. I know how you feel. I am so paranoid that I am going to have some gross sore down there during delivery. Embara__sing.


jewls - August 16

Well, I thought maybe it could be a pimple or possibly an ingrown, since I do shave down there, but it's a blister and theres two of them, I think. It's a bit painful and swollen. I don't recal a tingly feeling, as I've had cold sores on my lip before and know that feeling, but I didn't feel anything down there prior. I guess I will mention it to my Dr. so she can check it out, I just feel so stupid not knowing how I got this. I was reading up on first attacks and it says that I should have felt headachy, or symtoms of the flu and that it would be super painful. I mean, it is painful but not as bad as I was reading. I just hope that my Dr doesn't think that I knew I had this before and just kept it from her, which is not the case.


jp - August 16

It is probably just some weird thing from your hormones. I bet it is nothing but I would still get it checked out just to be on the safe side. Maybe see if it has gotten any better by tomorrow or something. Are they big?I heard that herpes are really really painful.


Erin - August 16

You need to see your Dr. ASAP. If it is herpes, they will perform a c-section if you go into labour so that you do not transfer the infection to the baby. Also, they can give you meds (Acycilvor to get rid of the outbreak, and put you on a regular dose so that you have a better chance of delivering v____ally. Your doc will be able to tell you what it is. If you have had "cold sores" down there before, that means that you have genital herpes. Good luck.


miranda - August 16

I doubt it is herpes, but to be on the safe side you really should ask your dr to take a look right away. He/she will know what it is. Don't let embarra__sment get in the way of good sense, you don't want a sick newborn.


Louise - August 16

I had something that sounds similiar to that and I posted a question about it a few weeks ago. I had it for about a month and it looked like a blood blister, but was painful when I wiped. The doctor said that something like that is normal to get in pregnancy and it most likely will go away after the birth. Surpisingly, it went down so much in the past week the doctor could barely find it last visit. I think they develop from the added pressure and blood down there, like the hemmoroids do. Show your doctor, but I wouldn't jump to any worries about herpes. Take care


Jennifer - August 16

I had one just a couple of weeks ago and it in fact was an ingrown hair. It was like a blister but there were 4 of them and it was swollen really bad. It eventually went away but of course at the time I was freaking out so I went to see my doc about it. She too said it was an ingrown hair. Dont worry, you probably have the same thing.



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