Freja Acaylia Is Here

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Tira - February 4

Hi all, I have been a regular reader on here throughout my pregnancy, but I've only posted a few times. I've always loved reading about other women's birth stories and so here is mine :) My due date (23rd Jan) came and went and despite having many pre-labour signs...things didn't start to happen until 30th jan. I experienced a small leak about 6pm, but thought perhaps I was suffering from bladder I shrugged it off. When the same thing happened 30 mins later I realised it could be my waters. The leak occured throughout the night...becoming more frequent and so at 8am we called the hospital for advice. They told us to stay at home have a cosy morning and pop by at 1pm to be checked out. They confirmed that my waters were indeed leaking but because I wasn't having any contractions, they sent me home and told me to return at 6pm for an induction..they were concerned about infection. This meant that my planned water birth was out of the question. When we returned ( still 2cm) I was given some anti-biotics and at 7pm, set up with a pitocin drip (took them 3 painful attempts) My contractions became more frequent but not painful. I was given an enema at 8:30pm and because of a low battery, the drip had to be turned off whilst I emptied my pleasant!! The drip was started again at 9pm and this is where the fun begins :) In 1.5hrs I went from 2cm to 10cm dialated!! The contractions during that time were unbearable and I almost asked for an epidural..something I'd been strongly against..wanting a natural birth etc. I started pushing at 10:35pm and Freja Acaylia was born at 11:26pm weighing a whopping 9lbs 5oz and 22inches long. I did tear in a few places because of her size and how quickly she was born..and being sewn up was not a pleasant experience. The numbing injections didn't work 100% and I felt every st_tch in a very sensitive area..had to use gas and air..which I find amusing after a natural birth. Anyway, I'm feeling great just 4 days after and I'm totally in love with my little angel :-) hope you've enjoyed reading my story...feel free to ask any questions. Lots of luck and best wishes to all you mums to be and congratulations to all you new mums!!...Emma (aka Tira)


djh - February 4

Congratulations and well done! Beautiful name for your little girl too.


SistaC - February 4

Congratulations Tira, and thanks for sharing your birth story. I'm so nervous - only 15 days to my due date!


MB - February 4

Hi tira, what a lovely ending, so pleased for you, cant believe the size of her !!!! know what you mean about the st_tches though, i found that one of the worst pains too when i had my son !!! i will be hopefully posting on here in the next 2 weeks about my birth too. congrats !!!



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