Frequency Of Movement

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Toya - April 17

Do you ladies have days when your baby barely moves....and then days when your baby is just all over the place? It's been like that for me ever since I started feeling movement! I hate the days when she doesn't move a lot because it makes me think somethings wrong...


Jenny - April 17

I think my baby moves around too much!!! I always feel her move and sometimes I swear she goes spastic in there!!! I actually look forward to the quiet periods because I am not getting the sh** kicked out of for your baby's movements, it is perfectly normal to have days when she is quiet and days when she is active. She is sleeping almost 95% of the day and from what I've read about you, you are late in your pregnancy so she has less room to move. Don't worry...she is perfectly healthy and just like us, babies have active and quiet days...nothing is wrong...but if you are in doubt, ask your doctor to perform a non-stress only takes 30 mins. and is very rea__suring. Good Luck!


Corrina - April 17

how far along are you? From 19-20 wks (when most feel the first movements) until around 24-25 wks it is harder to tell everytime they move because they have so much room. Once they get bigger you will feel it all the time. Even be able to tell patterns, like usually 3-4 hrs after a meal (when they get their nutrients) and when you first lay down for bed. After 28 wks they can also hear sounds outside the womb other than the mother's voice, so car rides, loud music or movies and such may cause them to move more.


Toya - April 17

Corrina, I am 37 weeks. The only pattern I've noticed is that she likes to move while i'm eating...and the other times are just random! maybe she likes the sound of food going into my stomach...???who knows. Yesterday was a quiet day for the baby, but today has been one of her very active days...I'm very small and so when she moves, other people think that I'm carrying twins because they can see every single movement.


EM - April 18

I feel exactly the same way...I stress out when at the end of the day I think he hasn't moved hardly at all, then the next day it feels like I have a prize fighter in there. I haven't done the count your movements for one hour because I don't want to stress myself out anymore. Last night I had a cup of tea sitting on my pregnant belly shelf and almost had it all over my lap because he kicked the cup so hard. Any little pressure, like my arm resting on my stomach, makes him move in that spot. I'm at 35 weeks and some of the movements are getting quite painful, like when he is crammed up against my ribs or pressing on my pelvic region.



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