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melsmama - May 8

i made the mistake of traveling a long distance in a car, at 34 weeks pregnant, to my brothers college grad. I got back yesterday and today I hurt all over and everytime I move, I contract. I'm used to hurting all over, but not to the contractions. This is my 2nd baby and I never did this with her. Should I be concerned with the increased braxton-hicks or is it from the trip?


Laurabb4 - May 8

Hi, It could be a few things. The trip could be a part of it. Also you tend to notice them more with each child. I am expecting my 4th and get them almost every night. Depending on what I did that day. I would keep track of them and make sure you keep hydrated. hang in there you only have a few weeks to go!


GLORIA - May 8

To Laurabb4, I will tell you what my Dr. told me. After two trips to the Hospital with contractions. (this is my 3rd pg.) I went in during week 20 and last week again at week 28. Mine were the real deal. I had to have a shot to stop my contractions both times because my cervix was thinning. Here is how he told me to tell the difference. The real deal will not go away no matter what you do. Drink plenty of fluids and lay down on your left side, changing position only if you need to. Resting is the whole idea. If the contractions persist and become stronger and never let up go to the hospital. And also if you are feeling lower back pain and menstrual like crampiness with contractions after you have had them awhile. Which in my case last week they began at noon I layed down got plenty of fluids, took a nap woke up and threw up. Drank some more liquids and continued to rest more. When 7 at night rolled around and the contractions didn't cease...the dr said come in. He checked my cervix and found that it had softened and thinned out. Now I'm on bedrest with limited activity. Nothing set off the contractions in particular. Just follow your gut and listen to your dr. This is just my experience. My first 2 pregnancies went by without a problem.


melsmama - May 9

Thank you for your replies. Luckily I have since stopped the constant contractions. I did call my midwife and she had me go in. Though the contractions were not like that of true labor, the were effective enough to cause 2 cm of dialation and 30% of effacement. I'm on modified bedrest, in other words take it easy and do as little possible at least til I am 37 weeks.


Laurabb4 - May 9

Hi Gloria, Thank you for sharing your experience. I was just saying b/h are more noticable with more pregnancies. I would for sure check things out if I was uncomfortable for a period of time. Melsmama glad to hear you went in. Hope you are feeling well.


GLORIA - May 10

Hey melsmama!...I plan on asking my Dr. about trips in the car. I noticed when ever I'm driving longer distances like more than 30 or 40 miles one way I have a few Braxton Hicks. I went on a field trip with my sons' cla__s. My husband drove and the total milage round trip was about 90 miles. And I sure noticed my contractions plus the baby rolled and kicked and moved a lot. Ever time he kicked hard or rolled over or did something with a lot of movement another one of them booger contractions would start and last about a minute or two. We stopped by my mothers so I could go in and rest a couple of hours and then we finished our trip home.


melsmama - May 10

GLORIA, I would be interested in what your doctor says to you about traveling. Mine, of course told me to go for it. Turns out that should not have, though I would have regreted missing my brother's grad. So let me know.



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