Frequent Hiccups

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Staci - July 10

I am at appx 29 weeks, and the baby has the hiccups for a few minutes each day, sometimes several times per day. Is this bad, that its so often?


Amy - July 10



l - July 10

completely normal


Staci - July 10

I wasnt worried until I went for my 28 week sonogram recently and mentioned the fetal hiccups and the dr. said "he shouldnt get them every day".


-m - July 10

I'm 34 weeks and my baby gets them about 2 or 3 times a day and my doctor told me that they are very normal and even healthy for the baby, it shows the baby's lungs are developing.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 10

This is very normal, my little Amaya got them everyday at 3pm and 3am, kinda weird I know, but still to this day she gets them at the same time (2 months old) They make her so mad. It is really funny


miranda - July 10

I don't know why your dr would say that. I've never heard anything like that. I'm 30 weeks and this baby gets them every day at least, if not more than once a day, just like my first did.


Staci - July 11

he has them right now... I would say its several times a day for appx 5 min each. I am glad u all think its normal... I dont know why the dr said that either.. my doula said its normal... hmm


~S~ - July 11

Hiccups are not bothersome to babies like they are to us. They're actually sort of soothing to the baby, which is weird. But it's 100% normal if your baby is having hiccups daily or even a few times a day. Some babies have them more than others. I'm 33 weeks and yesterday was my first time experiencing the feeling of my baby having hiccups, it was so cute!!


shelly - July 11

does anyone know what causes the hiccups? My first child had hiccups frequently, and when she was born she had reflux for almost a year. I dont think it had anything to do with the hiccups, but I really dont know.


Kara - July 12

Shelley, I read our babies get the hiccups when they are practising breathing movements with their lungs, and sometimes they inhale or swallow some amniotic fluid and it gives them the hiccups, but is completely normal. Like the other ladies said, it's all part of their lung and diaphragm development.


Staci - July 12

I charted his hiccups yesterday, and it was appx every 4 hours for about 10 min.... Nothing today YET tho!


Rachael - July 12

My baby has been getting hiccups since my 6th month, I am 36 weeks now. he gets them at least 2 or 3 times a day, and he is perfectly healthy. We even saw him gulping amniotic fluid at one of the ultrasounds, they are just practicing breathing and it is normal


Hiccups - July 12

It's completely normal and healthy. A doctor should know that and not tell you that the baby "shouldn't" have them every day. Hiccups are just fine for developing babies, and are actually a sign of lung development and maturity. I'm 35 weeks and feel them all the time, have been for quite a while now. Sometimes I don't feel them one day, and then feel them several times the next.


Leah - July 17

I am 35 weeks along and until 2 days ago, I was blissfully unaware that "hiccups" could be bad. I was thinking....oh how cute...and feeling good that my baby's diaphram (muscle that helps you breath) was getting ready for breathing. OH...but noooo...the "experts" and the medical studies online would not have that. They had to let me know about how frequent hiccups were related to nuchal cord (around baby's neck) and how it is linked with stillbirth. grrrrrrrr. Is anyone else sick of this? There is actually a top 10 list of 'signs you could have a stillbirth'.....besides hiccups....there was 'not moving enough' and guessed it...'moving TOO much'....I think they are trying to drive us all insane. I personally think it's the old "fear breeds consumption" theory. If you get people scared enough, they will go out and spend $$. They will buy fetal heart monitors and every book written on the subject. My peace of mind comes from message boards like this one. Knowing that, for instance, almost all babies get frequent hiccups makes me feel 100% better. For these last few weeks, I'm going to have to force myself not to "google" everything I come across....I want my baby to have a mentally stable mother...=)


Staci - July 17

Leah, I agree 100%$!! It is such bullsh*t. Where did you find this top ten list? Yikes! sounds dreadful and terrifying! I am so angry- I know what you mean. I really relate. this is one of the reasons I fear looking anything up online now!!


Staci - July 17

GRRR I FOUND THE SITE YOU WERE REFERING TO. HOW SCARY! according to this site, pretty much everything is to be feared!!



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