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Frustrated girl - January 15

AHHHHH I DONT WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!! Im so tired of being pregnant, yesterday was my due date and no baby, i dont know what to expect as for contractions, dont know how they suppose to feel, i mean i think i feel braxton hicks very often throughout the day where my stomach tightens up but doesnt hurt, and then for a couple of days ive been getting really bad cramps like if my period is comming and at the same time bloated like i need to do number 2 and my lower back hurts and it also feels like while im getting the cramps the baby is pushind down but the pain eventually goes away. I feel sick, i dont wanna eat, but im hungry, im getting discharge but not a lot but its kind of tinted a little bit light brown, but ive been having light mucousy discharge for weeks, GEEEZ how much longer?? Sorry if im annoying anyone, but im just a little frustrated and whats worse i cant even respond to some questions people have on this site cuz my comp is slow :(


tg - January 15

you can try castrol oil with orange juice or walkinng or s_x if you do s_x you want him to c_m in you good luck


belgian - January 16

Can we stop with the castrol oil theory! Geez...its not healthy for you or the baby!!!!!!GET IT STRAIGHT! And it doesnt WORK!Except by making you stick to the toilet and become dehydrated. Anyway, try walking, squats, a warm bath, or s_x(especially if you lost your mucous plug!) And most of all, I know you are waiting waiting, but just hang in there! Its the best thing for your baby to feel you are relaxed and not stressed or impatient..good luck and PATIENCE!


BRY - January 17

unfortunately rarely do babies come on the due date, with my first child my body was not ready, I did get induced early but not because I wanted to, I had kidney stones and the pain was to much to bare. Your body can be ready but your baby might not or your baby is ready and your body is not, baby and body both have to be ready. Just spend the time you have now making sure you have everything you might need at home so that you dont have to do much during the first week of having baby home. Good luck and your baby will be here before you know it.


c - January 17

bry - just curious... did you take a lot of antacids like tums while pregnant??? I hear they're linked to kidney stones. Thanks. Hang in there ms frustration... sounds like your getting close!!!



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