Frustrated By Self Inductions

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Naomi - January 18

I am frustrated and worried about all the women who want to induce themselves early. I want everyone to know I would love to know what it is like to go full term! My first son was due on the 4th of July I ended up having him on June 17th, My second son was due Christmas day and he was born on December 7th, Now I am due with my 3rd Son April 20th, I am 7 months tomarrow and already a finger tip dialated, and have been about 2 weeks I have a feeling that I will be lucky to make it to the end of march, I have been feeling like i am getting close to my time to go into the hospital. My lower back has been so sore that I can hardly move at times, I have been feeling like the baby is pushing down and also like i could drop him at any given moment. I guess my point is this, I have to worry if my babies will be ok or if i will have to visit them in the NICU and it makes me sick to see that there are so many who seem to be more worried about getting the pregnancy over with. I guess if you could all see what it was like on the other spectrum of the rainbow you would not be so anxious to enduce yourselves.


Christine - January 18

Naomi..though I agree it is best to let labor and delivery come naturally, most of these woman are waiting until they are at least 37 usually 38-39 weeks to try inducing themselves...which is considered full term...though I am sorry to hear that your children come naturally should not try to make any woman feel guilty for wanting her baby now...if she is at full term...yes, things can still happen, but chances are...the baby is going to come only when he/she is ready...I dont believe in any of the "natural inductions"...good luck to you...and by the way my due date is april 15th...


Chris - January 18

Naomi, I do agree completely with Christine about most of these women wait until 37-38 weeks pregnant before getting induced. I had my son at 371/2 weeks and he was perfect. Now I will be also getting this one induced at 38 weeks and couldn't be more excited. I don't think any soon to be mom would put their babies health at risk for a few weeks. 37 weeks is full term.


Naomi - January 19

I think one reason it bothers me so much is you get these women who are willing to do the castor oil thing or other forms of "self induction" that could be harmful to thier babies, Why spend almost 9 months trying to do everything right for your baby to turn around and do something that may be harmful to your baby. If you are that anxious talk to your OBGYN about it and if they feel that it would be safe they would suggest things to get the ball rolling. I can see where some of them are comming from, but i guess reading about all these women who are willing to do almost ANYTHING to induce themselfs, I sure hope they are doing research on what ever method they choose to try and find out what the cons of them are.



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