Frustrated Need To Vent

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mama3 - May 2

I was suppose to be induced May 3rd. But my mid-wife called me monday afternoon and told me I was cancelled do to the hospital was overbooked. No room. This is so frustrating. Ive been having so many pains when she moves. She said I could go in friday but I cant cause of not having a babysitter for my other two girls. So she said May 9th there is a opening. Funny haha thats my due date, lol. So my mid-wife said she will keep me on call wednesday. This is a first for me. Drs are on call not mommies to be, lol. I know alot of you think you should just let the baby come when the baby is ready, but I sadley can not. The only person I have to watch my 2 girls is going over the road for work. If I dont have her soon I'm gonna be in a pickle. I was hoping for the induction so that my mom could be with me in the delivery room, she is looking forward to cutting the cord and being the first to hold her. An if I can go in in the morning she will be home with my other girls for dinner and bed. I have never not been home for my youngest and I know she wont understand mommy not being here. Since my mom moved in with me almost 3 months ago thay have becaome very close. Which makes me feel 100% better knowing she will be with grandma. Knowing my girls are ok will make it easier for me to relax while in having there sister. ahhhhhhhhhhh ty I needed to get that out. Sorry this was so long. Hope all of us have wonderful births fast and quick. Best wishes to all.


Daniella - May 3

mama3- well hey, look at it this way.... at least you don't have to be in a labor/delivery room that is packed. I am praying that when I finally go into labor, that there isn't a bunch of woman in there at the same time. If you know what I mean. I know that doesn't help, but it can make the experience real frustrating when its full. Also, my due date is also May 9th. hehe... so, I definitely feel your pain. In fact, my hubby is on leave right now from being deployed so he is wasting his leave without the baby as we speak. So, I really hope the little one is born soon so that daddy could watch the birth and spend time. He goes back on May 10th... so, each day is a huge deal. So, its starting to get frustrating as well. THe only reason he took leave before the due date and not after is because I was told there was now way I was making it to my due date and we didn't want to take the chance. I have been 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks. Now I am 4 cm dilated, fully effaced and baby right there in my pelvis.. yet, he is being very stubborn and doesn't want to come. LOL... When you said you were going to be induced... HOW???? With pictocin, or what??


mama3 - May 3

Yeah I will be induced with pitocin, I was induced with it with both my other 2 girls. I cant inmagine what your going through. Wont the drs help you? With you being 4cm and fully efaced they could use the cream to try to help. Even using the pitocin you wouldnt be in labor long. Once your contractions peek they break your water and if you sit up you'll dialate quickly. My dr and mid-wife said having s_x pushes things along, cause the mans sperm has something in it that induces labor. Just a thought for you and hubby. I'm alone now so its no halp for me, lol. Was hoping she would call me this morning and tell me they were able to make room, but the phone hasnt rang yet... I pulled a muscle in my lower left side of my belly reaching a ball for my little one 2 days ago. I just cant wait till I can take care of her like I use too without pain. I thank you for your support and kind words. I truely hope your hubby can be there for the birth of you boy.


Daniella - May 3

Gosh, I pray you get some answers soon!! Yea, s_x isn't a problem with hubby and I. hehe.. lol... I just had my membranes stripped almost 2 days ago and doc said he would be surprised if I made it 24--48 hours, yet here I am. Go figure!! Although, I think this morning (its 6am right now) I started to leak fluid. I have been losing my plug and having extra discharge for a while, but this morning right after going to the bathroom, while I was hurrying down the stairs, I felt a trickle down there. I went back to the bathroom and it was wet. It feels like a little more and more keeps coming out. If it seems that it is indeed fluid, then I am going to go to L&D. I really don't want to go to be sent home. So, just waiting it out. Also, having much more cramps. I really don't want pitocin, because I heard its the devil drug and also increases your risk for c-section.... yet, as you said, since I am 4 cm already, it may not be too bad. Yet, I would really prefer and hope that I go into labor here soon naturally. :) Anyhow... I sure hope you feel better and get some answers (that you want to hear) soon!!! Can you do a home birth, or no?? I know some midwifes go to your house, etc.



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