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carola - February 13

well, its a full moon tonight, i wonder how many little ones will be born. (i've got my fingers crossed..i really want mine out)


missy - February 13

I had my first when it was a full moon!! The hospital was packed, I think all but 1 room was filled, it was crazy!!!!!


Erin - February 13

last night was the full moon (not sure when this was posted) by my calendar, on the 12th.. I was hoping for my baby to come but, alas, nothing except more and more discomfort


carola - February 13

hmm my calendar says its tonight


meg77 - February 13

Full Moon is on 2/13 in Leo. I am into astrology so this is for sure...it's tonight.


stacey - February 13

My calendar says the full moon is tonight -13th. I'm in PA (USA) I wonder how many of us will go into labor :) But, now that I'm looking the next full moon is March 14th. I'm due on the 12th, so I wonder if I'll be a couple of days late.


April mom - February 15

Guys, what is it about giving birth on a full moon day? Does it bring luck to the baby or something along those lines? I'm sorry I'm not aware of it.


Alycia - February 15

Slightly more babies are born during the full moon, April mom. We had a handful of cows growing up, and every single one dropped her calves on the full moon every time. Humans are the same way... it's thought perhaps that the moon acts on the water in our bodies in the same way it acts on the water on earth - the moon causes the tides.


shea4 - February 15

I too WAS hoping I would have gone on Tuesday the Full moon....all I got was more brax hics! and they were painful!


Alycia - February 15

I'm only 28 weeks, but I had more braxton-hicks the day of the full moon than ever before. I almost called my midwife because three of them were only five minutes apart! After lying down and guzzling water, it slowed down a lot. I wonder if it was the moon or something else? I wasn't dehydrated, and I hadn't been particularly active that day.


B - February 16

I had my first on a full moon (at 38 weeks), the labour ward was so packed quite a few of us had to give birth in an ordinary hospital ward!


to all - February 16

If so many more ladies have babies on full moons, then I don't want to have my baby on a full moon. I'm afraid there wouldn't be enough attention paid to me in the hospital if there was a problem.



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