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Sarah - January 13

Anyone believe there is any truth in Full Moon theory? I've had several comments from friends and family who believe I am going to go into labor tomorrow because of the full moon....what do you think? I'm interested in your stories.


it does - January 13

have some validity. ER's experience high volume at full moon time but not just with labor and delivery. If it is your time to deliver then you will. It only applies to women who are close to delivery anyway. I was a full moon baby and I had a full moon baby.


Sarah - January 13

I am due Jan 20th....my bags are packed! :)


Girl gilly - January 13

I have never heard of this theory? I am a__suming the theory is that a full moon causes you to go into labour? Interesting. I have heard that the moon can affect a woman's menstruation. In fact, Tom Robbins wrote a whole book about it called "Still Life with Woodpecker" - good book. You will have to let us know if it actually happens!!


Emy - January 13

I was born 10 days early on a full moon. My baby is due the 20th of Feb. and there is a full moon on the 12th that I am banking on..lol..Good luck and let us know if it happened.


LRK - January 13

I just looked up two medical studies that say that there is not a statistical increase in deliveries during a full moon. Too bad! My sister was betting on this weekend because of that.


On a slightly related note - January 13

I know hurricane season is over, but a professor of mine went into labor because of a hurricane...I guess the low barrometric(sp?) pressure brings on labor.


izzy1052 - January 13

well i wasn't a full moon baby but i hope mine is lol... there is a full moon on march 14 and im due on march 29.. hehe.. i better not go 2 weeks late tho cuz there is a full moon on april 13!!! but i kinda believe in it


Mary - January 13

Oh no! I'm due April 5th and I don't want to be over due. Maybe I will get lucky and have her early in March. Thats cool next month. My birthday is Feb. 11th and I'll almost have a full moon. Yippee!


Kate - January 14

Most nurses / doctors say a woman is more likely to go into labor when the barometric pressure drops (cold front, hurricane, or major change in weather) than a full moon. I didn't find either to be valid for me when I was pregnant with my first baby. Baby comes when baby wants to come! :) BUT I hope you go into labor soon if you are close to your due date... I know how draining it can be when you are late (I was almost 2 weeks late with my first baby.. every day was a drag).


sarahlorrain - January 14

I hope I dont' go into labor!! My baby shower is tomorrow; I don't want to have to reschedule that. I know I'm going to get a ton of diapers and I need to find a place to store them all!


reesh - January 14

My midwife has seen more births happen on the New Moon than on the Full Moon. The next New Moon is January 29...


Sarah - January 15

Full Moon came and went, and here I sit :) Cross that off the list. We can also scratch the exercise ball too...haha, I spent some time gently boucing on that last night. Nothing! My aunt called me last night with a "GREAT idea", since she went into labor with one of her kids after her and her husband went for a drive in his dumptruck, she thought the exercise ball might have the same effect. So, I think I've pretty much tried everything (that I am comfortable with). I won't try castor oil. Thanks again for all your comments....good luck everyone.


Ashley N - January 16

Lol, my computer chair is an exersize ball, it's so soft and comfy and I guess if you spend time sitting on them, it makes your trunk muscles stronger? I just think it's comfy. And I bounce up and down on mine all the time - I'm only 35 weeks so I hope it doesn't bring on labor! ;)


Ginny - January 16

I laughed when I read this post, because dh's grandmother called me specifically to let me know that I should be ready for the full moon. I have to admit that even though I knew that it didn't stand any scientific reasonong, I had my hopes up a little. I'm due on this friday (1/20), but I'm trying not to get my hopes up about every little thing. SO hard!


Sarah - January 16

LOL Ginny, Hard to believe we have made it this far and how LONG these past few days have been!! Maybe if we stop expecting it will just happen....*crossing fingers* haha, good luck!


Emmy - January 16

I had my baby on the 13th, which was a full moon. Every room in the delivery ward was full. It was a mess!



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