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josie4 - November 9

I am so angry right now. I just had my baby Tuesday and I'm not ready for overnight visitors! Hubby and I told his Mom that she could come two weeks after the baby is born (she wants to stay and 'help' with things). She calls yesterday and says she is going to come stay at her Mom's house and visit us tonight or tomorrow. Ok, whatever, just as long as she's not staying with us. Well, I took a nap with the baby and when I get up my husband tells me she wants to stay at our house for the weekend and she'll be here tonight. I am furious! She is nothing but a stress to me. She drinks, snoops through everything, lies about everything... I can't handle her! Especially not right now. She had this planned out all along. Say she's going to stay at her Mom's when she fully intends to stay here. I'm trying to recover, establish br___tfeeding and not to mention, I'm exhausted! Well, I feel a little better now. Thanks for letting me rant.


Jilloh - November 9

Gheez that's c___ppy......Wishing you the best and congrats on that baby


jennifer_33106 - November 9

OH GOD you poor thing!! I wouild honestly just let her know. You and your husband need this time to bond with the baby!! You should just let her know that you need the time to recover as you said. We are going through the same thing with Shons grandma. She is insistant on coming out as soon as the baby is born "to help" I dont want her here to be honest. Maybe a few weeks after is fine but not right away. I am sorry you have to go through this. But I would honestly tell her or have your DH tell her that she needs to stay at her moms because you are not able to entertain right now and that you 2 wanna be alone with your baby. GL!!


claire83 - November 9

i would say politely its not a good time you are recovering your husband should back you up and demand she stays with her mom and just visit for a few hours


tish212 - November 9

you don't need that stress...and ur lo doesn't ned you to be that stressed. Put your foot down... the second you find her snooping or drinking tell her...no more get out. Then she can go stay with her mom and visit when its convenient for you. You need this time to like you said recover, and begin that bond with your lo. I am sorry you are going through this, gl let us know what happens.


josie4 - November 9

There's nothing I can do now without seeming like a witch. She'll be here anytime. I am so upset that she so blatantly disrespected my wishes. She is very manipulative and deceptive. If she's been drinking I swear.....


HeavenisMine - November 9

I wish I could tell her off for you, (in the most non witchy way possible). I am so sick of seeing women's MIL's, Mothers, grandmothers, ect. disrespect them and act as though they are not "motherly" enough or something, or just straight out want to invade in the lives of the mother, father and baby. That drives me nuts, almost makes me glad my future MIL hates me.


jennifer_33106 - November 9

Oh heaven I agree with you!!! But it is not just the MIL the grandmas and the moms it is everyone!!! For some reason when you are having a baby everyone thinks you want ot hear their advice and experiences. haha Josie there is alot you can do to be honest. If she starts in on you and is bugging you or if she has been drinking polietly ask her to leave. Easy as that. I swear you have more patience then I would have. haha I mean its not like she wouldnt have anywhere to go you know! Her mom is there and also you could always offer to put her up in a hotel if you want to. The whole situation really sucks. I feel for you!


docbytch - November 10

josie you need to tell your MIL to take a HIKE. so what if you come off as a witch (which you don't....you are exercising your right to privacy...jmho). OR tell your DH that HE needs to tell her to take a hike....period. if what is happening to you was happening to me? I would do exactly that....regardless of what she might think. My home is my sanctuary and if she has any modic_m of decency at all...she will respect that. good luck


Iamamiracleangel - November 11

Yah definitely, right now isn't a time for stress. It's time for bonding with your baby and getting the hang of everything before having to work around yet another person...


evae777 - November 13

gosh, i don't get why some people have to be so controlling and self centered. I hope you and your husband find some balance with his family. that would drive me nuts! i would turn into a total b**** if i had to deal with her.



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