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xoxticiaxox - February 21

Okay, every mum has this picture in thier heads about how there baby will look when they come out? Whats your image? Mine is dark hair and blue green eyes, with chubby lil cheeks and long eyelashes....


xoxticiaxox - February 21

Noone wants to answer...maybe Im the only one pictureing my perfect lil girl!


crystal74 - February 21

well since he's measuring 2-3 weeks larger than he should be, i am now picturing a huge fat baby boy, probably the size of two new borns, with big brown eyes and dark hair. but we'll see. i'm 39 weeks and if i don't have him by next week then i'll be getting induced because he is so big


Kristin11 - February 21

I have a daughter, so i figure he will look like her,blomde hair and big blue eyes.


Sonrisa - February 21

Mine is just like what you are imagining. Chubby checks, dark hair like mine and blue eyes like his dad.


Melissa30 - February 21

I picture my little boy looking just like his daddy. Dark brown (almost black) hair, blue eyes and a bump on his nose that he will complain about for the rest of his life, just like his daddy.


Gretta - February 21

Big blue eyes, really pale skin and I am undecided between white blond hair like her daddy or a reddish hair like my side of the family.


SaraH - February 21

Well I don't know the s_x so that kind of leaves me w/ some variation in my head as to what baby will look like. Speaking from a genetic/what baby will likely look like due to my dh and I stand pt, chances are s/he will have curly hair, probably blond or light brown, and blue eyes, and pretty light skin. So, I guess I'd have to say curly blond hair w/ blue eyes, and fair skin is what I'm betting on.


Mommy1 - February 22

I don't know what I'm having...but when I think about what my baby will look like I picture a girl with tanned skin (I don't have tanned skin but I did when I was a baby, my Mom didn't think I was her child!!) tanned skin, dark curly hair (like mine), and dark brown eyes. Really I think I'm pictureing me when I was a baby!!


ashleyb0827 - February 22

i had a 3D ultrasound ... and my baby boy DEFINITELY has lips just like mine & I think that his nose will probably be like mine too. And the woman said he should have a LOT of hair ... I hope that it's blonde like his daddy, but who knows? He also already has a double chin!! at 36 weeks he was 6lbs 3oz.


zay28 - February 22

I saw his profile in a 3D sonogram and he has a very beautiful nose, like his sister. I think he will be lite skin color the one you can tan easily, brown hair and green/hazel eyes like his father.


ShaunaLeigh - February 22

I been tryin to picture my baby but it's hard... cuz he/she is mixed white & african american... so im not sure how dark or light he/she will be... hopin the nose is like mine & not the daddys tho... woo, reallii got me thinkin here :p


LinsTwin - February 22

I'm blonde, so I always pictured a bald baby, since I was a toe head myself, but my husband is 1/2 Puerto Rican and has dark hair, so who knows? It'll be weird to have a baby with hair! But we both have the same eyes... hazel (green/brown), so that's what I'm expecting. I've also gained a lot of weight, but the Dr says it's all baby, so I'm a litlte scared he/she might be HUGE.


bindaas - February 23

Hi, Mine is defnitely having chubby cheeks.I had a 3 d u/s and the tech just kept saying look at his cheeks.he also has a lot of hair which will defnitely be dark as both of us are dark haired.


Kims_new_belly - February 23

Well i don't know boy or girl,,,,,,,,but i'm a thinking Dark hair like both of us......daddy's light brown dimples (i hope),,,,full lips.....geepers...i can't wait to see!!!.....


flappergirl - February 24

I had a dream a few weeks ago that my son will have curly sand-coloured hair, dark eyes, long eyelashes and his dad's prominent forehead and chin. Can't wait to see the little bug in only 10 weeks for real though.


aliciavr6 - February 25

i was bald until i think 3 years old (then blonde), but my bf has thick dark hair so im really curious ... plus i have blue eyes, he has dark brown. i think pretty much anything will be a surprise to me. i hope she gets his hair and my eyes. :) have a feeling she will be long and lanky, as we both are. but really i cant imagine how she will look at all so im really excited to see her.



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