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CourtneyHope - February 5

I am curious to see what people have found to be harder now that their little ones are seemingly in the way! I think this will be a fun thread to see what everyone has to say. Here are mine so far: Shaving my legs...happens maybe once a week/two weeks! cutting my toenails....pedicure anyone! getting out of bed....barrel roll never felt so awkward! going to the it is hard to concentrate when someone won't stop wiggling!! Anyone else?


CodyKatie5 - February 5

Courtney I'm glad you came up with this. Haha, I totally agree with you about the shaving and painting my toe nails. Tying my shoe laces has gotten more challenging as does rolling over in bed. My hubby and I have one of those Tempur-pedic mattresses, so I'm afraid that if I do not sit up to change sides and attempt to roll that I will get stuck half way. Haha! Peeing can be interesting...especially when I feel like I have to go SO bad and all it does is trickle, no matter how hard I push.


kmoselle - February 5

I can't put on my socks anymore. And I tried cutting my toenails last night. Didn't happen!!!


CourtneyHope - February 5

Love it!!! Funny about toe nails...tried cutting them, and all I could get to were the two big ones!! That took me like 15 minutes! I told my hubby that I am for sure getting a pedicure in the next couple weeks so I don't have to worry about it again until after she comes! CodyKatie, I went to a furniture store about a month ago and made the mistake of laying down in one of those beds...hubby had to help me out of it, I felt like a beached whale!!


Kiersten - February 5

Rolling over is horrible! I also have a 14 month old and one of my "pregnancy joys" is not being able to see my feet and what toys I'm about to step on! I'm 4 days overdue so I've been making myself shave everyday just in case, but it's a pain! Hubby and I usually take our morning shower together and I always make him get out before I shave because I look so ridiculous. :) Dh puts on my socks for me because that's so not happening anymore. Anyone getting good at picking things up with their toes? Or how about making a mental list of things that need to be picked up and doing everything at once so that you only have to get on the floor one time, just crawling around the house? My son thinks it's the best game ever; I think it's survival! :)


CodyKatie5 - February 5

I have a hard time getting things out of the bottom cabinets in my kitchen too. I forgot to mention that. Doing anything bending over is quite a challenge, especially since my baby is breech. Her little head just goes right into my ribs when I do that! I find myself making lists a lot....mostly mental ones and then when I go to write it down I completely forget what I was going to write down.


fncdavis - February 5

I am 30 weeks and carrying twins so everything seems tough, but lately putting on my pants/underware is a challenge. The first leg goes in fine but the second takes forever haha. Also shutting the door on our SUV, I can get in the blazer, it's reaching for the door to shut it that is a problem. How are you guys with getting off the couch??


kmoselle - February 6

Thank goodness my coffee table has a little ledge I can grab onto to help hoist my big b___t off the couch! Otherwise I would never be able to get off my comfy, cozy couch! Which, I find myself sound asleep on 10 minutes after I sit on it!!!


jacobsmom - February 6

I'm a high school teacher so getting through the periods without running to the bathroom is tough. I also have a sixteen month old at home and keeping up with him is pretty hard, especially since I run out of breath very quickly nowadays. Most annoying though is that my stomach keeps getting in the way in the kitchen. I can't wash a dish without getting the front of my shirt wet because it sticks out farther than I realize.


Missie76 - February 6

hahah, I have trouble getting off the couch. My husband laughs at me and says I look like a turtle. My legs are pumping, trying to propel myself out. I have a hard time getting out of bed. Not able to shave my legs, have to have DH do it LOL. I can't see my feet LOL Going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. That awful thing that happens when you sneeze, laugh or cough. Oh and getting kicked in the bladder, not a fun feeling LOL


CourtneyHope - February 6

How could I have forgotten the trickle that comes with a sneeze or cough!!! I have a cold now, and it is not fun because I am always sneezing or coughing...thank goodness for light day liners!! Have your little ones started moving while you are moving? That is one of the weirdest things ever!! Penny will decide to push herself out as I am about loss of balance!


Missie76 - February 6

I haven't had that yet. But when I lay down on my side at night, Peanut starts moving around. I'm like hey! I'm trying to sleep!


april09 - February 6

I'm 31 weeks pregnant with twins and I have the same problems everyone else is talking about. Last night I did manage to clip my toenails but was so exhausted after that, that I decided to wait until tonight to paint them! I've yet to try, I may give myself another days rest! I never tie my shoes, just slip them off and on and my 2 year old is always eager to get them for me! Hubby gets a lot of laughs, today people at work even laughed at me, so I must be looking pretty sad! Shaving my legs is the worse but I'm to the point I worry about going into labor so I'm trying to do it a couple of times a week.


elizabear - February 7

OH yeah that is all the fun stuff.... or after you have been sitting a while you get up to "run" (and i use that term loosely) to the loo, and you hear snickering behind you then the comment "look at that waddle, I will have to get the movie camera" ...just love it.......... my only reply is wait until the labour ward, then you can be paid back with interest!! putting on pants is very hard, I sit on the bed and do it now, worried about toppling over, and for some reason that second leg just wont lift high enough.



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