Fundal Height

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mommypluma - April 29

So I have read tons of books and I still don't get this fundal height stuff. What exactly does it measure? But my doctor says that I am measuring high and have been since he beginning. He hasn't told me what my measurements are tho. :( I was just wondering if anyone else was measuring high and what this means? Is my little girl big or is my tummy just big?


Evonna - April 29

It measures the height of your baby from crown-to-rump. Doctors makes sure that he/she isn't measuring too small. Because babies measuring too small means there is a problem. It's okay to be measured higher than expected, it just mean that your baby is growing rapidly and may be that you will have a big baby.


N - April 29

It doesn't measure the size of your babu at all. Fundal Height is the measurement from the top of your pubic bone to the top of your Uterus. It is measured in centimeters with each centimeter equalling a week of pregnancy. It's usually a good indication of how far along you are, but not always. I'm now 37 weeks, but measure 43 which means I have to have an ultrasound to find out why there is such a big discrepancy. It could be that I'm having a large baby, have extra fluid or that I just have had a larger than average uterus growth.


kayla_shauntel_05 - April 29

I have measured at least two weeks, sometimes five weeks, ahead of my due date.


Evonna - April 29

Yes N, it does measure the baby's height..that's what my doctor told me. They measure the baby to make sure he/she is right on it age. Mommypluma, you'll be fine.


marie - April 29

It seems that N's reply is accurate. "The fundal height is a measurement in centimetres of how high your fundus is from your symphysis pubis bone. Ideally this measurement in centimetres will be about the same as your baby's gestational age." Here's the site where I found it, (NO DASHES).


Evonna - April 29

Ok maybe my doc was high on drugs then but what N said was correct, and i already know what you are saying marie but the whole purpose of the fundal height thing is REALLY measure the baby's height.


lil mumma - April 30

To Evonna, what if the baby is lying transverse? They don't measure across your stomach..............


Evonna - April 30

Then if the baby is traverse, then your uterus will lay lower and your doc will tell you that your baby is traverse position and that come back next apt. to see if he/she has changed it's position.


Evonna - April 30

basically if your uterus is lower than expected, they'll do a external palpation to feel the size and position of the baby and if he's traverse, they'll let you know........................


Tye - April 30

N is 100% correct. It does not measure the size of your baby. My uterus is measureing at 36 for week 37. The doctor says the baby is very big but has just dropped and therefore the fundal height is not measuring high. It can somewhat guide the progress of your baby, however near the end my not be is good an indication of the size.


ReneeM - April 30

Tye and N are right, they are measuring the height of your uterus or fundal height. Which like Tye was saying, can be a guide to your baby's size, but there are also other factors like the baby's postion or fluid that can make the numbers off. I measured a little big last visit, but I think it was the postion my little guy was in, he was all bunched up at the top of my uterus, therfore throwing my fundal height off. If the doc is concerned they will do an ultrasound. Which they told me they would do another one on me next visit if I was still measuring big.


mommypluma - April 30

Thanks for all the replies! I was just curious. I know I am carying her large and have since I started to show so they said that is fine since I have been on a consistant pattern. Some woman yesterday tcommented to me on how the last few weeks are the hardest. When I told her I still had 2.5 months left she looked embara__sed but I told her I didn't mind. I hear it all the time, although I get asked if I am having twins more then anything. And my ultrasounds show the baby at the right size for how far along I should be. So who knows. As long as she is healthy I don't care! :)


Daniella - May 2

That is pretty funny that someone would think the fundal height is the bubs height. LOL>.. thanks for the laugh!! It has nothing to do with the babies height. It may help determine how large or small the baby "may" be, but not the height. Heck, most babies are in the fetal position anyhow. Regardless, I think most the woman get the point here. That its the measurement of the uterus. I have always been exactly dead on. We know our exact date of conception also. When I was 34 weeks, I measured 34 cm. etc., etc. Just until recently. At my 38 week apt. last week I measured 37 weeks. Today at my 39 week apt. I measured 36 weeks. The doctor is a little concerned, but could just be the baby getting lower into my pelvis. Yes, the baby has dropped, but I shouldn't be showing this much smaller. Especially since its been dead on and now its decending not increasing. I just pray nothing is wrong with the baby. OH, BTW... hubby is 6'5" and baby is long in the scan. So, it doesn't have anything to do with the length of the baby. It could be many things... the fluid, if the baby drops, etc., etc. They do say that always give or take 2 weeks and you should be fine. Also, yes... usually larger is better. Yet, not too large, have to watch out for too much fluid.



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