Funky Cravings Whats Yours

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AMBERBABY4 - August 25

hi ladies just asking what your cravings might be at this time in ya pregnancys mine is vegemite and tomatos sliced on top of my toast and when im baking something i always leave myself a little bit of the mixture in the bowl espeacially chocolate cake mix . let me know your funky cravings hahaha


lrachel - August 25

I'm just getting over a crazy, cereal craving. Snickers are high on my list right now. The other day it was Swiss chard.


mcbee - August 26



Patience2008 - August 26

I have had this with both pregnancies, I crave orange pop. I will not let myself buy more than 1 20 oz at a time every couple of weeks because Im afraid Ill over do it!


alirenee86 - August 27

What the heck is 'vegemite'?? I seem to just crave food in general...however I'm finding mint chocolate chip ice cream with peanut b___ter to be the most delectible combination in this entire world:)


E586467 - August 27

alirenee86 vegemite is a salty yeast spread made in Australia. It is sooooooo yummy on toast, but personally at the moment I am craving avocado especially on toast.


lisa mc - September 11

with my first i craved lentil soup and tangerines and she was 2 days late and weighed 7lb 12. the second time i craved cream eggs and she was 1 day late and weighed a whopping 10lb 12!! my advice is try and stay away from chocolate!!


MommyJuggalette - September 13

peanu tb___ter and pickle sandwiches, and toast with potted meat. and about a gallon of milk a day


jessb - September 13

I crave milk!! I drink a gla__s everynight and now I make it chocolate milk. Its weird for me b/c I never really drank milk that much before.


susandutchak22 - September 13

My craving with this baby is rootbeer and oysters/waffles/syrup...all mixed together! It sounds really gross, but it actually tastes really good!! With my other two...I craved the normal rootbeer and big macs, which I no longer can stand eating!!!!!


DESTINY - September 15

mine is Mcdonalds vanilla Ice cream cone and french fries. I eat some cone then some fries


joeby321 - September 15

I haven't really had any cravings this pregnancy =( but it seems like the only thing besides water that I can tolerate drinking in IBC brand rootbeer and it has to be the kind in the gla__s bottle. It is really weird- I can't drink canned or plastic bottled rootbeer only IBC and in the gla__s bottle.. very strange! I wish I had more cravings, I feel like a boring pregnant woman- no cravings- no real appet_te for my entire pregnancy and I am 31 weeks tomorrow. The whole fun of being pregnant is getting to eat a bunch of different stuff but it just never happened for


Bilmes123 - September 17

Mine is the dark chocolate m&m's with the peanuts lol.


homeworkwithheather - September 22

I have not been on this board forever...Hyperemesis is awful...since food is my enemy, my cravings have turned into some strange ones...I dream about smelling huge vats of gasoline, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover...I hang out the window at the gas station, and love walking by the nail that weird...I guess if it comes down to food, it is ice cubes...I make 4 or 5 gla__ses of ice water and let the ice cubes melt until they are just right, and then drain the water and add them all to one big husband thinks I am a freak...but it is keeping me hydrated...hope all of you ladies are doing well!!


Gina75 - September 27

I could eat steak tacos with cilantro and onion everyday.



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