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Jenn2 - May 18

If you have given birth you start bleeding immediately after you have delivered the baby? What did you do in the hospital in terms of getting up after delivery to get to the bathroom? Did you have to wear the heavy duty (night time) pads for several days after giving birth? Sorry for such a unpleasant topic, but I just want to know what to expect, and what kind of pads I need to have readily on hand.


Been There - May 18

Yes, you bleed heavily. They keep checking your pad to be sure you're not losing to much blood. You should bring several pairs of underwear to the hospital. Some people bleed up to 2 weeks or maybe longer. Yes, have pads ready for yourself at home. A lot of hospitals provide you with a supply while you're there and some to take home, but you'll need more. To get to the bathroom after delivery, you just get up and go. If you have a c-section, you'll have a catheter the first day because it's not so easy to get up and go after the surgery. It's a good question to ask so you're prepared.


Nerdy Girl - May 18

I bled for 6 weeks after both of my kids. Yes, get pads for home. I needed the overnight kind for all day long.


Deb - May 18

Some people bleed for even 8 weeks - not as heavily as in the beginning though.


melsmama - May 18

My midwife suggest adult diapers when I had my daughter, instead of ruining undies for the first couple of day after you are home. Of course, I thought she was crazy. However, in retrospect I think she may have had a point. Luckily, the heavy bleeding usually subsides within a couple of days and then it's like that of a medium to heavy period which slowly reduces until gone. Which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 10 weeks. After delivery, if v____al, expect the medical people to want you to get up as soon as you can to pee and before you are released to go home, whether two days later or the next day, they want you to poo too. I guess after all the pressure put on that region they want to know everything still comes out alright. Sorry this is long, but I'm bored so I could type forever. Good luck with everything.


Alycia - May 18

To answer your first question, the bleeding begins as soon as the placenta separates. I'm finding pads very uncomfortable now, as I feel like my small tears aren't airing out and healing. This may sound crazy, but I've been stuffing a folded cloth diaper in my panties the past couple of days, and my nether region feels so much better. Just a thought...


Cher - May 18

Yes, you bleed like there is no tomorrow. And the wonderful thing is... the nurse sits in the bathroom with you explaining how to use a peri-bottle. Use warm water!!! Don't try cold, you will get a shock!!! There is nothing better than the pads they give you in the hospital. They are long and big, but the most comfortable. When you go home to buy your own, be sure to purchase the ones that have a cotton top. Don't buy the ones that have the plastic like webbing. They don' t pull away the moisture and they will stick to your episiotomy, if you have one. And buy big!! You do not want them to bunch up. And try to get extra of the ugly knit underware things at the hospital. They are very ugly, but they are the most comfortable. Especially the first few days after delivery. Hopefully you wont bleed too long. With my first, I went about five weeks, with my second, I went about three weeks. Who knows what this pregnancy will bring. Good luck! And remember, warm water is good!!!


kh - May 18

My daughter will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and I'm still bleeding (v____al delivery). Not nearly as much as I was in the beginning--just like a light period now. I agree that the ugly mesh underwear they give you at the hospital are best at first. The bleeding is heavy and you'll go through a lot of those thick pads. As for getting up to go to the bathroom after delivery--I was not prepared for that. I found it very difficult to pee. The nurse said I had to pee on my own before a certain time, or I'd need a catheter. For some reason I just couldn't go even though my bladder was full, and apparently that is normal. But after several minutes, I was able to. The warm water bottle helped trigger it. One thing I was also not expecting is how much amniotic fulid leaks out during labor. I had never heard anyone talk about that and I found it to be very uncomfortable to constantly have fluid leaking out, as if I was peeing all over myself. :) Sorry if TMI, but I wish I would have known in advance to expect that.


Alycia - May 18

Oh - I just remembered something else wonderful. My midwife had me make padsicles - I poured 2 TBSP (30 mL) water and 2 TBSP witch hazel on maxipads and freeze them. They were a godsend - just slip them in over whatever other pad you are wearing. I went through these like crazy the first few days - I could never have enough.


mama-beans - May 18

Yes, you continue to lose fluids/blood right after delivery. As far as getting up that first time to take a shower, etc.... you make a mess, plain and simple. They provide you with these huge long pads while there, but I'd bring your favorite brand of super huge maxi as well. I had to wear the pads for 3 weeks after, then smaller pads for a week, then panty liners/pads for another 4 weeks.. yes, I had discharge for 8 weeks. Normal. My sister only did for 2 weeks though. It depends on the woman, I guess.


ChannY - May 18

Yep what these women says is true. i bled for 6 weeks-ish after i had my dd. Boy do I ever hate wearing those d__n pads. Like, as soon as I gave birth, after the placenta comes out, that when they'll give you one right away, and than like 20 mins later the nurse will check on your pad to see if anything else came out and change it. Oh and she'll give you one of those bottle to keeps under there clean after going to the bathroom. Warm water. Er I hated that! I used those Kotex ones. It's better. Make sure you buys like..3-4 boxes of them cause you will be bleeding for a month or so. Depends on how long you'll bleed. Hope all its well! XX


mama3 - May 18

I used the hospital pads for the two days I was in there. Then I am using my regular brand of pads since I've been home. I use stary free 4-wall protection. With my 2 that I had a episiotmy they didnt bother it at all. An with this one I didnt have one and they works just as good. I have been bleeding like day 2 of my peroid. When I rest for awhile my bleeding slow down like the end of my cycle. You can bleed up to 8weeks or as little as 2 weeks.


Jilloh - May 20

ummm, you begin to bleed immediately. i used the pads provided there and then i bought some super absorbant ones and some less absorbant for home--i bled for 2.5 weeks!



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