Furious About Family

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FURIOUS!!!!!!! - April 14

I am soooooo mad with my husbands family all together. This is my second baby and I feel this baby has gotten no attention what so ever. I talked with my brother in-laws girlfriend today and she had no idea on what we were even having. Mind you we found out on December 28th what it was. I just find it so funny that he doesn't feel it important enough to tell her nor does she feel it is important to ask him. I am just so fed up with his family, can you tell?????? I just feel that they all think that they are better than me and my husband. But boy when they had their baby we were all supportive and there at the hospital. Mind you she got pregnant on purpose!!!!! Any suggestions out there for me? I am at the point that I don't even care if his family comes to the hospital anymore.


PP - April 14

To Furious: I will join you in that feeling but for far more serious reasons. I hate my husband's father with every part of my being and I will never let him be a part of my child's life. As far as I am concerned he is a meer annoyance that I must deal with occasionally. My husband is going to visit him in a couple of weeks and every time he see's his family he comes back acting strange and stupid, literally stupid. I think it leaks on him and it takes forever to get it out of his system. I am so p__sed! I wish he would just get the stuff done and stay in a hotel and tell no one he is there.


Jenny - April 14

I am completely estranged from my husband's family...even my husband is, which is too bad because it is not by our choice but rather by theirs. They did not like that we got married in Puerto Vallarta, rather than a church, that we lived together before we got married, that we got married during Lent, etc...the list goes on and on and on. Anyways, in-laws can be a b___h and the best thing to do is to get support from those who are truly involved in your lives in a positive way and to lean on them. You can't change their behaviour (and God knows I've tried) you can only change your own...don't let it bother you. I know easier said than done, but the sooner you accept the reality of it all the better you will feel.


Breathe! - April 15

Relax, relate, release. Furious you may not want to hear this, but your baby is not the most important thing in the world to everyone and it's unreasonable of you to expect it should be. What you describe is so trivial, you really shouldn't get all worked up over it.


Furious - April 15

This is to breathe. I am not suggesting that my baby is suppose to be the center of attention, but it would be nice for him to be acknowledged by my husbands family. My saying is what comes around goes around!!!!! Sounds like you have not been in this position before, but anyways thanks for the other responses from pp and Jenny!!! Hopefully breathe you will never feel like this!!!!!!!!!


Agrees w/ breathe! - April 15

If your biggest gripe is that your bro's gf doesnt know they s_x of your unborn babe you are ok. Look at the other responses, those people have problems.


Jenny - April 15

Furious, don't let the insensitivity of some get you down...you did not say or even imply that you wanted your baby to be the "the most important thing in the world to everyone" as Breathe! suggests, just a little acknowledgement would be nice. And the fact that they didn't know after you found out the s_x of the baby over 4 months ago is disgusting. Some people get so rapped up in their own lives that they fail to be responsive, supportive and caring to others' happiness. As for Breathe! and Agrees with Breathe! hopefully you will never go through that with in-laws, but there is no need to be so cruel. Sharing feelings is what this message board is all about, and if you can't relate to the question or topic at hand, then don't bother to respond.


Furious - April 16

As far as some people thinking I am p__sed off only about the s_x of the baby you are wrong. I could go on and on about the in-laws for over 8 years now, but I chose not to. So please don't judge people who are only wanting some advice on how to deal with things. I am not going to respond to the negative anymore on this board only the positive!!!!!!


PP - April 16

I could devote a week to my anger and gripes about my in laws but I try to condense and then people thing I like Furious is just being an idiot. Furious if you need to vent you can email me cause I could gripe right along with you. I want nothing more than to see my inlaw (One has already pa__sed on...) have a very bad day. (I am trying not to wish bad things on people, like really bad things) I am just keeping as much distance as possible. Heck mine has not even asked what he can get his future grand daughter. I don't even want him touching her. I may have to let him hold her but only after I inspect his hygiene and compliance to the rules I have set. GRRRRRRRR.... I could go one forever.


Jenny - April 16

Ditto to Furious and PP's comment! My in-laws have dropped off the face of the earth and I wish I could say that literally.


Breathe - April 16

Hey if you want to give these people including me the power to make you so miserable be my guest.I would hope that you could find some more positive things to dwell on, but some people are like pigs--they love wallowing in sh!t. Blunt I am, but it's only an attempt to get you to focus more on you and the babe. All this unnecessary stress is doing you no good.


Jenny - April 16

Why do you feel the need to be the preacher here? Seriously, we don't need you to tell us to be positive and to focus on our babies, we do that already...this is just one complaint that we have in the midst of a relatively happy and peaceful pregnancy...do you have any complaints? Is your life perfect? Don't feel flattered that your profound advice is really going to have the positive affect you desire...you are only being insensitive and very rude. Once again...if you don't share in this dilemma then DON'T post. Oh, and you don't have the power to make us miserable as you suggest...that would be too funny, and we are not dwelling either, I hardly consider a couple of postings in which we share a few experiences, negative or positive, "dwelling"...you obviously don't get it...which is sad, but if you have nothing positive to say or you can't relate to it at all then once again, don't post, nobody really cares about your opinion on here as you can tell.


Jenny - April 16

By the way, the above comment was directed to Breathe


Breathe - April 17

to Jenny -- Oink


Toya - April 17

lol. I know in-laws can be tough to deal with at times, but ladies we are bringing babies into this world...The only way we can raise them to love everyone is if we love everyone....No one is perfect, not even in-laws...Focus on positive things...the stress is not good for baby.


Jenny - April 17

To Breathe...wow, a preaching pig...how immature...


Furious - April 17

You go Jenny!!!!!!!!!



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