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Kaeli - October 7

Hello everyone.. my boyfriend and I are having a baby boy and I am aaaalmost 28 weeks. The problem I am having is that my future in-laws HATE the name that we have picked out. They are being quite rude about it actually. Everyone else that I have told says they like the name.. Maddox Xander, we will call him Max. I love the name and I am really hurt that they are being so awful about it... Is it just me? my hormones? my meanie in-laws?? I really don't know how to handle this.. I want to cry everytime I think about it..


Nicole - October 7

I LOVE the name! Personally, I think that an awful lot of people give opinions when they should just keep quiet. I mean, if you asked them what they thought, they could have tactfully said that they weren't big on the name and left it at that. They have no right to go on about it or be rude about it. So no, it's not just you and your hormones. It would upset me too. In-laws have a tendency to do that, though. :) Try to let it roll off your back, and DON'T let their opinion influence your decision. He's your son, not theirs, and the name Maddox Xander is really great.


Tara - October 7

You can name your baby anything that you wish that is why he is Your baby and your boyfriends baby.Personally i think the name is adorable and normally older people wish that the baby be named a more common name then original..I'm having my first son and i'm naming him Tyson Wayne and i feel if people don't like it too bad it's our son..Don't feel bad because your naming him what you want..you and your boyfriend made him so name him what you like as long as you both agree on the name that's all that matters..Good Luck to you and keep your head up it's all about you,your precious angel boy and your boyfriend..it's about what you want.


Carol - October 7

Whatever you chose is fine. We chose not to tell anyone simply to avoid that exact thing. Once the baby is here no one will care what the name is and they won't have anythign to say. Just ignore them


Jen - October 7

Girl, this is your baby and you have the right to name it whatever you want to! I personally love the name you have chosen, so stick to your guns and tell anyone who does not like it to deal with it! Sigh...We are naming our son Tristan, which has not exactly been popular with my in-laws either, but in my mind, that is already who he is. I could not imagine changing it because a few people think it is "too weird." Sorry, but they had the opportunity to name their children, and now it's my turn. : )


Vickie - October 7

I think the name Maddox Xander is adorable! This is a personal choice that you and your boyfriend have to make. It is your in-laws job to love the baby and respect your wishes.


Kaeli - October 7

Thank you everyone, you all have made me feel a lot better!! I know that I shouldnt let what his parents think get to me, but its hard not to because I really do respect and love them. But I will keep on keepin on and stick to my guns like Jen said!! Thanks again everyone for being so positive!!


JL - October 7

You poor thing! This was our big fear (negative comments from the family), and this is why we kept the name a secret until our daughter was born. We figured that nobody would make fun of their own grandkid's name to their face! Now I am pregnant again, and we are doing the same thing. Be strong!


Christy - October 8

Hey, Kaeli. My parents don't like the first name we've picked out (Benjamin) but they are getting over it, as will your in-laws. In fact, they now have a Hungarian nickname for him which is close to Ben, and are very happy to call him that. Just point out to your in-laws that they had the opportunity to name their own children, and that now it's your turn to do so. They'll quiet down eventually.


Carla - October 18

People are funny with their opinions. I didn't read that you asked for an opinion...so I suggest you ignore their comments and hopefully they will quit whining about something they have no control over. We have chosen the name Sierra and I wanted to name her Sierra Glen (dad's name is Glenwood). My mother in law made a stuffy comment that it sounded like a mountain. Ummm, I refrained from bringing up her ignorance, as Glenwood is a mountain. As it turns out, my husband did not like naming a girl Glen so I chose Laura-Marie, Laura his mother and Marie my mother. Of course, this made his mother very happy, however had my husband agreed on the name Sierra Glen I would have paid no mind to Laura's comments, which is what I suggest you do. Remember, the more you give in to their criticisms, the more they will do it. Good luck with Maddox Xander:)



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