Gaining Weight A Lot

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isabel - June 22

Hello ladies. My name is Isabel and i am 36 weeks and 5 days. I am worried because i gain a lot of weight since the begining of my pregnancy and i am afraid that the baby is going to be very big. Does anybody know weather the weight of the baby depends on how much pounds we gain. Please, can someone write to me ?


Aimes - June 22

I think the size of the baby has more to do with genetics, but if you have GD, then your baby can be bigger than average. I don't believe how much the mother gains determines the size though.


livdea - June 22

I'm almost positive that there is not a correlation between mothers gain and babies gain. You may have a slightly larger baby, especially if you have GD but otherwise it doesn't matter. I've known plenty of women to gain lots of girl friend 100 lbs and she had a normal 7lb baby! Don't stress!


ARD - June 22

Isabel, when I went in for my sonogram at 20 weeks I can remember her saying that the birth weight of the baby (most of the time) is closely correlated with the weight of the father at birth (not the weight you put on during pregnancy). For example, my husband was a 7 lb baby, and give or take a pound or few ounces, I could probably expect my little girl to weigh around that also. Now this isn't necessarily the way it is with everyone, but she did make it clear it is genetics and typically related to how much the father weighed at birth. So don't let your weight gain worry you as to you thinking you're having a big baby.


Jill - June 22

I gained the same amount of weight, 35lbs with my first two pregnancies. My daughter was 7lbs 8oz on her due date and my son was 9lbs, 8oz, 1 day late. So for me the weight I gained had no effect on the baby size. I can honestly say that it was no more difficult or painful for me delivering a big baby, just the recovery was a bit harder (both children were delivered naturally no drugs). Trust you body it knows what it is doing!! I know plenty of women who have gained 60 + lbs and have had 7lb babies. You will be fine! Good Luck!


EricaG - June 22

According to the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" weight gain can have an effect on the size of the baby. I'll type what it says: "Just because you've gained a lot of weight does not necessarily mean your baby has. There are many other variables, including genetics, your own birth weight (If you were born large your baby is more likely to be too), your prepregnancy weight (heavier women tend to have heavier babies), and the quality of diet you've gained the weight on. Depending on those variables, a 35-40 lb weight gain can yield a 6 or 7 lb baby or a 25 lb weight gain can net an 8 pounder. On average however, the more substanial the weight gain, the bigger the baby." Hope that helps :o)


isabel - June 22

Thank you all ! I wish you the best of luck!


AmandaManns - June 23

No the amount of weight you gain does not have anything to do with the size of your baby. My boyfriends mom gained 88 lbs with her first and she was 7 lbs and 9 oz and she gained 86 with her second and he was 9 lbs 1 oz and I gained 40 lbs with mine and he was 10 lbs, go figure. I did not have gestational diabetes or anything he was just a big boy. He was a week early at that...imagine another week of weight...ahhhh!!! Good Luck and do not worry about your weight gain.



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