Gas Pains Normal

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Alli - April 29

I am 28 weeks and this morning I went to get out of bed and I felt like I had a gas bubble strapped across my abdomen. I seem to have these little pains after lunch as well that feel like a big bubble pain. Has anyone else had really bad gas like this that actually hurt. I don't think it is Braxton-Hicks, but I have never been pregnant before. Help!!


fabienne - April 29

I also have gas pain from time to time.


Maddie - April 30

Yes, I am having that same problem right now! I hate it...It feels like cramps to me, but I know it is gas. It started around my 30 week mark. When I have the gas pains, it feels sharp and hurts when I breath in really deep.


Sadie - June 10

Totally! Every morning I wake up and I can't stand up until I let gas out. It sucks! I don't know where it all comes from, but it hurts a whole lot. Every morning I think I'm in labour, but then I realize it's only gas pains.


Shelly - June 11

My dr told me to take maalox.It takes care of the gas,heartburn,bloating and it has calcium.She told me that she used it herself when she was pregnant and it works better than tums or any of the other.It has helped me a lot.


Shelly - June 11

PS Im 31 weeks and having a boy.


nan - June 11

antacids block nutrients to the baby. just deal with the gas, seriously


SARAH - June 11

So then... are tums safe?


nan - June 11

none are. they are acclaimed as safe, but they tend to block nutrients to the baby. when i found out from my doc i was so upset.


Shelly - June 11

bs, even on the package it says for pregnant women its a good source of calcium.My physician had told me months ago to take 2 a day for calcium,and my OB/GYN told me its fine to deal with the gas,heartburn and bloating.To nan, don't have to believe me or any of my two md's just go and ask yours.Sarah, tums are safe for the same reason but they dont take care of gas and maalox does.Just go to the drugstore and double check with your pharmasist.Im 31 weeks now, been taking them since march and feel good.Dont be taking them all day long, like with everything in moderate quant_ties.


Naomi - June 16

Hell everyone! i had what i believe to be implantation bleeding, five days after ovulation, and i have been feeling tired lately and having some discomfort. my period starts on the twenty first of every month and it's the 16th, my hubby and i discussed getting a pregnancy test this weekend to see if i may be pregnant, Do you think it's too early to find out if i'm? or should i wait to see if my period comes on the twenty first? i'm 27years old and never been pregnant. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!



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