GBS In Urine Early On In Pregnancy

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grumpybear - January 10

Is anyone else worried about be group b strep positive?! Im worried sick!! Will someone please give me there thoughts about it. Has anyone had it and everything turn out ok. And also I have be getting internal exams every week to check for dilation, Is it ok do that why being gbs positive? Please help!!!


Iamamiracleangel - January 10

Grumpy-Being Group B Positive isn't a set back. As long as you receive antibiotics while you're in labor, there's no issue at all. Even if you do have it, from what I've read, there's less than a 10% chance of it effecting your baby. I tested positive for GBS in my urine at the beginning of my pregnancy, and my doc just tested for it again and I'm pretty sure it's going to be positive. It comes and goes though, so who knows. The GBS really is the least of your worries, it happens naturally in some women. If the doc didn't think it was safe, he/she wouldn't do the internal exams every week:) Take a deep breath and enjoy your coming up labor! It's almost here!


cfuller - January 10

grumpy- i am also gbs positive. i just found out at my last appointment and my doctor told me it's nothing to worry about as it is airly common and very treatable. He also told me it's very rare for it to affect the baby. As long as you are at the hospital as soon as you know you are in real labor they will give you the antibiotics and everything should be fine. I'm not worried about it at all. How far along are you?


grumpybear - January 10

Im 38 weeks pregnant


Shannon85 - January 10

Iamamiracleangel. I tested postive for group B strep around 28 weeks and they tested me at 36 weeks and it was negative so it can go away. I asked my doctor and they say theres a 60% chance it will stay around and 40% that it will clear up. Im glad it did clear up for me but Grumpybear i have been a__sured its really noting to worry about and is quite common.



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