GBS Strep B

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momofalmost3 - July 12

I tested positive for the first time this pregnancy. I have two boys already and was negative with them. This is a girl hehe. Anyway, My midwife warned me that I should get anti-biotics during labor for this but also said it would most likely give me a raging yeast infection if I get them with anti-biotics which I do. So she will prescribe that one time pill, I think it's called Diflucon. Just curious if any other GBS women are opting out of the antibiotics or taking them? I will refuse to give my baby a shot of pennicilin if it comes down to that. I heard that's a HUGE no no because it can often times cause baby to be allergic either then or later in life which is a bad thing to be allergic to.


babyluv - July 12

. I also have GBS and I am being induced tonight, so I am definately getting the antibiotics. I wasn't tested for GBS last pregnancy and my baby got it. It was life threatening to her and she was very lucky to have made it through that. This time around, I got a new doctor and was tested. Congrats on your baby girl! I have 2 dds and will be having a boy this time. Best of luck to you.


SuzieQ - July 12

Watch that Diflucon if your stomach is at all sensitive. I took it once and was so freakin sick I couldn't believe it - vomiting and cramping and the whole bit - not fun at all.....


momofalmost3 - July 12

I already had to take it a few days ago because I got a misquito bite that was infected. It didn't affect me so far. I hope it doesn't during labor.


Mercury - July 12

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I also tested positive for GBS. The doctor is not going to prescribe me any antibiotics until I'm in labor and then they'll hook me up to an IV with a "load" of antibiotics. I'm allergic to pennicilian, and as long as I inform everyone who I'm receiving medical treatment from, it's not that bad, they just prescribe something else.


gracie - July 12

Hi, if you have the time do a search on GBS when I was diagnosed with it with my last pregnancy I researched it and I never ever considered not having the antibiotics at labor. (didnt need to thou as I had an emergancy section) I read that GBS is the leading cause of preventable infant death. All it takes is the antibiotics to prevent it. It was scary stuff to relize that if I was in a different part of the world there was a good chance my baby would have been inflicted with it if I hadnt been treated. Although I just reread your post and cant tell if you are sugesting not taking the labor antibiotics or some pill? I strongly sugest the labor antibiotics (iv). Sorry if I misread your post. grace


momofalmost3 - July 13

Oh no I'll take the antibiotics for sure. I'm pro vaccine absolutely, even in babies. I think it's worth a little reaction from a baby verses some horrible desease! I am FOR GBS antibiotics.


ITSABOY - July 15

All i know is this is my first baby and i tested positive the doc gave me antibiotics to take for 2 weeks and i have to have them through a iv when i go into labor.


AmandaManns - July 15

I had GBS when I had my son and all they did for me was give me an IV while I was in labor and that was pretty much it. Every 4 hours they would come put a shot of penecillin in my IV and it did burn going in but other than that no big deal. Also I was in labor for 22 hours and my son did not contract GBS but I do know that it is very harmful for infants and I woud definitely say get the IV which I know you are but some people are against it



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