GBS Test Positive Help

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Mercury - July 10

Found out at the Dr.'s this morning that my test was positive.....I'm so beside myself. To make it worse, i've been reading up on it from articles on the internet...Now I'm scared to death. Has anyone else tested positive? My Dr. explained that with the proper antibiotics given to me during labor will usually take care of it...... Can someone give me some advise to ease my mind?


ARD - July 10

Mercury....don't worry a bit about this!!! I myself did not test positive, but my mother and sister both did!! My sister and I turned out just fine!! :o) When my sister had her little girl last Sept. they did antibiotics during labor/delivery and everything is just fine. My doctor even told me when he tested me for it, that if I did test positive that it was NOT a big deal at all!! Its easily treatable!! So don't be beside yourself and upset....its not a big deal!! You and your baby are going to be just fine!!! :o)


babyotw - July 10

Lots of us are positive! Try not to worry. The antibiotics are given to you through your IV drip during your labor. I tested positive with my son and he turned out just fine. Actually now that I think about it I tested negative when I was preg. with daughter and positive when I was preg. with my son. They said that I probably was positive with my daughter and that the test didn't catch it. So she never got the anitbiotics and she turned out very healthy! Good luck!


MEO - July 10

I have also heard that this is super not a big deal and is considered normal - they just do the test so they know to drip the antibiotics and all is well. Best wishes!


flatstanley - July 10

Mercury, I had a GBS baby 11 years ago before health insurance was required to cover the screening. It was an awful experience!!! You should not worry though...doctors know how serious GBS can be-that is why you were screened for it. Approx. 40% of women are carriers of GBS- but only a very small % of babies were affected back then. Now with the screening and subsequent administering of iv antibiotics if you are positive the chances of your baby contracting GBS are slim to none!!!!!DO NOT WORRY!!! p.s. my GBS baby who was so so sick w/ sepsis, pneumonia, respiratory distress....he's a SUPER HEALTHY beautiful 11yr. boy today!!!!


Been There - July 10

I wouldn't get too worked up about it. I had my first child 13 years ago and no one tested for GBS then. She was fine. I just tested positive, which I hear is normal. So I probably had it back then too. But only a very small percentage of babies are even affected. It's just a precaution doctors are now taking.


K8 - July 11

on the 06/28/06 i also posted a question similar to yours and found the responses very helpful. look on about the 4th or 5th page of questions it might ease your mind to read those posts too.


dee23 - July 11

my hospital doesnt test for atleast everyone else can be prepared..all i do is worry.


starr - July 11

Like everyone says it's really nothing to worry about.My baby girl is just 3 wks old and I was so upset when I tested positive that I cried b/c I thought she would be sick.And let me tell you,doing a search on the internet just made it worse for me b/c all they talked about was the baby possibly coming out affected by GBS and all of the illnesses they could get.When I went into labor they gave me antibiotics in my i.v. and Heaven came out to be perfect.Don't worry,you and baby will be fine.


Mercury - July 11

Thanks for all your responses, when I read them all I was like <<whew>>. There are enough things to have to worry about when your pregg and one more thing like that certainly makes you wanna scream. Thanks again.



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