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ITSABOY - July 15

I failed my 1 hr sugar test.I took the 3 hd and they called and told me it was boderline but the doctor said it was ok.I am not receiving any treatment and they said it was 160 i do not know what that means.I have a apt tues i am going to ask questions.Do any of you know?


Jen - July 15

Doctors vary in this category. Almost everyone I know or have talked to say that for the 1 hr their docs like to see anything below 140, but my doc wants to see below 130. I had a 132 at 18 weeks (yes, early) so they had me do the 3 hr. The first two numbers of my 3 hr were normal but the last two were abnormal, therefore that indicated gd. I've been on a diet for about two months. Lastly, I have known so many girls to get anywhere from 140-170 on their 1 hr and still pa__s their 3 I was confused at why I failed when I had only a 132 to begin with.


CaliTrish - July 16

Hi ITSABOY, I responded to your other posting. If your doc said it's okay, I wouldn't worry about it. You can ask him to elaborate more on Tuesday. You should have 4 readings from the 3hr glucose test, so my guess is one of those readings was a little high. If you have 2 high readings, you'd be diagnosed with GD.


ITSABOY - July 16

Thank you both for responding.I feel better.I feel so big though i think this baby is a whopper!


shan_mommy - July 17

I failed my 1 hour with a 170 and pa__sed the three hour, but was almost borderline with only one abnormal reading. I've been worried that I should be watching what I eat, but doctor said don't worry just don't overdo it on the concentrated sugars. I still can't help but indulge in ice cream though since it's the only thing that doesn't give me heartburn these days. My baby feels huge too!


AmyF - July 17

ITSABOY- did you do anything different to prepare for the test? Mine is tomorrow at 7:am. I'm so worried/nervous.



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