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AML - May 4

EVERY SINGLE DAY I come to work the SAME lady asks me when I'm having my baby! She is always so rude about it too! " You haven't had that baby yet?" "When are you going to pop that kid out".....EVERY TIME I give her the SAME answer! Does she seriously not remember???????? Sorry, I'm just annoyed and frustrated today!!


torbman - May 4

I here ya about co-workers AML, I work in a department store in the kids department, so I run into alot of people with babies . If I have to hear them tell me one more time about a friend of theirs that was told it was one s_x, but turned out to be the other, I think I am gonna puke! Its a real let down, when your told, and then hear people talking about that.


AML - May 4

YEAH! My favorite is "Oh honey you wont make it to your due date" I really look that bad? haha!


tlew - May 4

AML I hear you. I am sooo sick of a co-workers telling me "you look tired" and they say it like its something on my shirt that I can brush off. I cant wait till my last day!


torbman - May 4

I am soooo looking forward to a year off this time. With my first I only got 4 months off then second I got 6 months. I can't wait to not play "retail" for a year. I had a customer awhile ago, that came in for her daughter to pick up preemie clothes as her daughter had had the baby at 26 weeks. I was a little under that at the time. She could see that I was pregnant, and proceeded to tell me about how to do cpr and all sorts of first aid things she had learned in the cla__s they took, almost like a lecture on what I needed to do. Then she told me about her daughters roommate that had her baby at 23 weeks and it didn't make it. The woman looked at me, proceeded to touch my belly and tell me that that wouldn't happen to me though. RRRRRRRRRR. I hate that!


Tillie - May 4

Ha ha!! I was so confused by the t_tle of this question--I thought it was about GEESE, as in our fine feathered friends. Sorry, just had such a laugh when I realized...


Renee-Marie - May 4

Just don't answer her. It's obviously a waste of your breath... I'd just ignore her. Perhaps she'll get the hint.


Rachel0510 - May 5

I know your pain. Isn't it so annoying when you get those people? Hope you have a better day today!


Deb - May 5

That's funny Tillie! LOL


Ba8y6irl - May 5

Tillie I totally agree! I thought that this topic was a rant about Geese!! lol I get the same thing though AML... people always say to me oh you'll never make it, blah blah blah... well I have 3 more weeks... I am sure I'll make it!


Nita_ - May 5

I looked into the thread thinking GEESE the furry bird as well. hahaha. But AML, i agree, I have a couple of my coworkers ask the same question almost EVERY day!! when are you due? or comment like you never know, you could have the baby any minute now and like tlew, you look sooo tired!!! ARGHHHH Thanks for letting me vent!


HH - May 5

Aaaahhhh the same thing happened to me also. This lady came up to me with a HUGE surprised look on her face and said "Oh my you must be due any time now", which was okay until I told her I still have about 2 months left, then she said "Oh are you carrying TWINS" then laughed! She p__sed me off SO much you would not believe. Even if I'm big, there are better ways of saying such things.


Tye - May 5

Yea-geese really p__s me off too. I have tons that live by a pond near me and they are always pooping in my yard! Ha-I'm just kidding-seriously that sounds annoying. I would just sart being a snot back to her and star saying things like"Yea- I'm purposely dragging this out so I can continue to answer your same question all the frickin time! Makes my day-so thanks!"


AML - May 8

Geese! haha...yeah at my work we have tons around the pond! haha....Yeah, Geese annoy me too! But atleast they dont ask stupid questions! lol


Nora1 - May 9

I like it when strangers tell me, "Oh honey, you just look MISERABLE!" And that's when I had 2 months left (or a little more, actually)! Another one that really makes me feel nice is, "Have they checked to make sure it's not twins?" I dread people asking my due date now. I think I might start lying, so they just think that I'm overdue instead of trying to make me feel better for looking so apparently huge so early! Ha! :)



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